The Best Careers That Keep You Learning

It wouldn’t be unfair to suggest we’re all after something a little extra from our job — other than, of course, extra office hours.

Whether it’s more responsibility or more room to roam, financial improvement or fulfilment, the more we can get out of our day-to-day job, the better! There’s no wonder we want something to keep us interested in our jobs, particularly when we spend 40 hours a week there on average.

It has been proposed that the perfect job involves working beyond the periphery of your comfort zone around 20 per cent of the time. It is estimated that this is the ideal amount of time to keep you focused, without stressing you out— anything less and your morale is likely to drop alongside your enthusiasm.

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated at work is to find a job which allows you to keep learning — providing a source for your thirst of knowledge. With this in mind, pursuing what careers allow you this opportunity? Here with Motorparks, we detail some of the best roles you could enter.


Choose between primary, secondary, adult learning, or lecturing and we’re fairly confident that your learning will never cease. If you’re going to impart wisdom on a daily basis, then you’re going to need to keep learning!

Some educational institutions will allow their staff more leeway than others however, in many instances you will be granted the opportunity to make your own contribution to the curriculum from personal expertise and experience.

Most secondary level teachers will focus their efforts on one particular subject area. But, if you would like to progress further in your career, enhancing the motivation on offer, you could seize the opportunity to grab credential in a number of subjects.

If you’re teaching at college professor level, the sky is the limit. Embark on research projects, build upon pre-existing theories, and develop your own.


A relatively new career path in comparison to many traditional roles however, pursing the path of a developer is one which offers endless opportunities in regard to extended learning.

More apps, laden with innovation, are entering the market every day, successfully making our day-to-day lives that little bit easier.

If you’re a general app developer, working freelance for a range of differing clients, you will find yourself in the best position to learn.

This is the most suitable role for someone with creative flair as you will be able to take your wealth of innovation and assign it to solving problems.


No, it isn’t a myth— the laws are continually changing. If you’re working as a lawyer or a solicitor, you are guaranteed a lengthy stretch of education.

After finishing your bachelor’s degree, you will spend at least three years at law school, learning the tricks of the trade, before being unleashed into the world of work.

Fortunately, for those looking to continually top up their ability, the learning in law never stops thanks to the fact you will continually be greeted by new cases with varying circumstances.


Although the role of a mechanic or a car servicing specialist might seem like one which would only entail an initial education, thanks to the wealth of technology involved, the learning never stops.

In the past, cars were relatively straightforward entities. This isn’t to negate the considerably complex work carried out during this time however, there tended to be a general blueprint which could be applied to the vast majority of vehicles, and ones which lay outside of this periphery involved fairly simplistic alternations when catering to their requirements.

One aspect of this was certainly based around the fact almost all the vehicles on the road where powered by an internal combustion engine — petrol or diesels.

Now, the market is saturated with electric and hybrid vehicles that all hinge upon intricate detailing which mechanics require continual updating on. The automotive industry is going through consistent change and for anyone desperate for continual food for thought, this could be an ideal area to drop your anchor.

Journalism and PR

The media has been filled with speculation in the 21 st century that journalism is a dying career — this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although there has been a number of newspaper closures in the past number of years, the way in which journalism operates has simply shifted.

Online is controlling the way the media operates now and everything is geared towards that.

Content marketing involves a wide mix of journalism and creative ability, so if you’re looking to continue your passion for writing and learn more on a daily basis, then don’t be put off by rumours that hover around the industry — it is growing, and you can grow your knowledge with it.

To be perfectly honest, you will learn in any job and be encouraged to do so if you are motivated by the career you are doing. But these aforementioned careers might be particularly beneficial if it’s a career that is likely to push you continuously.

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