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A Metamorphosis from Solopreneur to Entrepreneur

Every founder undergoes a metamorphosis throughout the lifecycle of his or her company. A founder must attract investors, engage the ideal founding team and plan for precise execution and scale. Thus, he sheds his solopreneur shackles to transform into a blossoming and successful…


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Structure Your Interview to Find The Truth

Everything starts with the foundation

My job as a recruiter is to help my clients find the best person for their unique hiring needs. Part of that job involves follow-up after every interview to see how things…


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Hire Culture, Capacity and Craft for Your Company

Most companies these days will blaze through a stack of resumes without a second thought. Normally, when we look at job descriptions, we see a bunch of “we need this, we need this, this is a nice-to-have,” we look back at resumes and we calculate between the two. Oh, yes an 80% match. Great. Let's hire this person. That process has 0% what to…


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Fractional Leadership for Building Your Business

When you’re a young start-up, you need to maximize the aid of passionate, capable people while carefully managing your meager Series funding. Fractional work is a valuable tool that allows you to bring in in-depth experience and tested leadership into your company.…


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Gamification -- Improve Employee Engagement Through Play

Work and play don’t need to be separate. In fact, the jointure of the two serves as the foundation of a radical new workplace philosophy that engages employees with fun, exciting and fulfilling challenges. Companies are employing loyalty programs and behavioral economics to…

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Make the Pitch: The Keys to Crafting an Effective Presentation

Ineffective communicators can bore and disengage an audience in a matter of seconds. With a litany of outdated methods, nervous tics or over-technical jargon, people will just stop…

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Prioritize And Hire For EQ Over IQ

As Irving Berlin once said, “Talent is the starting point.” In this day and age of boundless knowledge educational tools on the internet, most anyone can learn coding languages, sales tactics and other trades of various industries. What, then, sets apart those who will make a meaningful impact at your company from those just…


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End Start-up Growing Pains: How to Evaluate your Potential Hires

When starting a company, a lot of luck and coincidence plays into the people who come on to your team. You never know the reason why a particular person turned up in your life at the exact moment you’re trying to get your fledgling company off the ground. While meeting new people and growing your…


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Navigate your Start-up's Burn Rate Life Cycle

The most challenging obstacle every new company must face in its life cycle: managing its spending to create a consistent, growing generation of revenue. At each level of a start-up’s life, from growth and development to each Series of VC funding and final maturity, new companies face a unique set of financial and personnel challenges. This balancing act of…


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Care About Your Employees and Your Company Will Soar

Listen, understand, achieve mutual loyalty

Everything starts with listening. Take the time to engage your employees, your teammates, in conversation. To quote the great Theodore Roosevelt, “People don’t care…


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Relationships are the Key to Millennial Engagement

You’ve done it.


You attracted a highly-skilled young professional to your company and you both are in the throes of new hire bliss. The first few months fly by, but eventually, things start to change. Your millennial hire is growing bored. They’re uninspired; they feel…


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Engage Millennials to Nurture Your Company's Success

Part One of a Two-part Series


A new market of highly skilled, intelligent and ambitious workers is reaching the prime of its employable value. It’s no secret that millennials are ready to challenge and inspire companies across industries, and their…


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Stay Compliant: California Hiring Changes Coming in 2018


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Inspiring Movements Create Stronger Companies

Powerful movements draw people. They excite and invigorate those who believe in the cause, who value passion over profits. A certain energy supercharges the air around individuals who are relentlessly pursuing their passions, an aura that says come hell or high water they will succeed. Get enough of these people together, and they can sweep up…


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Employee Education is Your Most Valuable Investment

Start-ups begin in many different ways. While many of them launch with an intention to turn into a huge, profitable corporation, other companies come about out of necessity. For example, a freelance programmer could gain so many projects he’d need a part-time employee to help out with his clients. More and more coding work and adapting to client needs allows…


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Get Smart with HR: Value your People and Maximize Profits

Most companies understand HR as compliance watchdogs: an internal police force which protects the company from scandal, lawsuit, and other unpleasant entanglements. However, your Human Resources team offers huge potential not only to protect your assets but to boost profits and productivity positively. Here are a few reasons why you, Mr.…


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Warning: You're the Problem with Your Hiring Process

Here’s a slightly unusual approach to investing. Investor Adoption is when an investor takes a more active and advisory role in the company, often “adopted” into the leadership team. Sitting down with serial entrepreneur and investor Robert…


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The Crucial Importance of a Strong Team when Investor Shopping


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Smash the Glass Ceiling with a Growth-focused Work Environment

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Finding new business for your first product is a thousand times easier than making your first few hires. In the beginning especially, you and your founding few have to be engineer, biz-dev, and janitor all at once. This is…


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When is the Right Time to Exit your Startup?

Founding team members find themselves more emotionally invested than most other people when it comes to startups. They watch their product journey through developmental stages, achieve funding, and finally launch to great success. However, there comes the point for many founders where the rest of the team is headed…


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