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Unlocking Financial Success: Most Lucrative Part-Time Student Jobs

 Amidst the cost-of-living crisis, higher education students are increasingly seeking ways to support their exciting university life with additional income. According to the National Student Money Survey, the average student living cost was over £900 per month in 2023. And while just over half (53%) of students rely on their parents for money, 56% have a part-time job, earning them an average of…


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Business Best Practices: Why You Should Invest in Digital Transformation

The term “digital transformation” doesn’t just mean one thing. In fact, it can be interpreted and put into practice in many different ways depending on your company’s needs. No matter how you decide to implement a digital transformation, however, it can have a significant impact on your products, services, and customer satisfaction. It can affect every aspect of your business and result in better efficiency across teams.

Developing a strategic approach to technology and how you choose…


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Is Technology the Answer to Reducing the Skills Gap?

The skills gap in industries across the world is of great concern with almost 90% of companies saying they are aware that they are facing one.

What role can technology play, and how can we as humans use this to our advantage as we work alongside it to reduce the skills gap in many industries?

Here we look at why employees should embrace, not fear,…


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Amplifying the voices of female farmers: Building a more equitable future for agriculture

The stereotypical farmer overlooks the vast spectrum of roles and skills encompassed by farming, leaving female contributions invisible.

While globally, women make up about 43% of the agricultural workforce, according to the UN FAO, the image of a farmer in the UK remains stubbornly male. Despite…


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The Biggest Demands in Customer Service – and How to Manage Them

Data showed that the UK Customer Service Index (UKCSI) score dropped to 76.6 out of 100 in July 2023. With the numbers dropping, it is important that all businesses investigate their own customer service offerings and understand exactly how to make their customers happy.

Owen Campbell, Operations Director at Kura, says: “Customer…


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How to Move Your Business to Zero-Waste

With the continual fight against climate change, businesses are expected to make differences in their management to improve their sustainability. One route many are taking is to go zero-waste.

In fact, companies such as Morrisons are even attempting to shift to a fully…


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Innovative Office Designs That Boost the Productivity in Your Space

After a period of absence from the workplace, 75% of US managers want employees back in the office.

And this is happening on a small- and large-scale level, with companies as big as Disney and Twitter requesting their staff return to the office.

And after an eventful few weeks of…


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What to Know Before Getting into the Landlord Business

Before getting into the landlord business, it is important to know the ins and outs of all the potential issues and complications that could arise along the way. In this article, we will explore the experiences of landlords, as well as compile a handy guide of what prospective landlords should expect before they get into the business.


Do not underestimate insurance

This one seems obvious, no? Well, as obvious as it may be, ignore the importance of this at your peril.…


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Award-winning creative experiences agency bolsters marketing offering with senior hire

Yorkshire founded brand engagement agency, XSEM, has appointed Nick Burrows as head of experiential to enhance its service offering. This comes off the back of a raft of recent client successes.

Although based in Yorkshire for 20 years, Nick spent over a decade at London based TRO as client service and…


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Making Learning and Development A Part of Everyday Work

In the modern workplace, learning and development is so important for individuals and the business as a whole.

In fact, on average, only 15% of employees who work for a manager who does not meet with them regularly are engaged.

With this in mind, how can…


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Switching Off from Work – Does Your Commute Look After You?

Commuting to and from work every day takes up a lot of our working week. A survey by Statista found that the average commute in the UK takes between 15 to 29 minutes, but the second most common commute time is from 30 minutes to almost an hour.

When we’ve had long days at work, it makes sense to use this time to disconnect from the working day and not take the stress of the day home with us.…


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Women in STEM: Who are the female role models who have paved the way for girls today?

Women are gradually making in-roads into STEM. In this article we celebrate the female role models who have led the way.

Whether it is vaccine research and development, the emergence of the metaverse or engineering the sustainable new cars and homes of the future, the STEM community has certainly risen to the challenge in recent years. 

STEM – an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – is an umbrella term for all subjects pertaining to those…


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How the Skills Gap in Welding Can Be Solved with Gender Inclusivity

The most recent Construction Skills Network (CSN) report forecasts that the construction industry may need an additional 225,000 workers by 2027. Welding alone faces a shortage of workers as…


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Kura Lands Reputable Accolade at Living Wage Awards

Global independent customer service outsourcing company, Kura, has been awarded the prestigious ‘Employee Choice Award’ at the Living Wage Awards for 2023.

The Living Wage Week awards were held between 6th and 12th November, to celebrate the…


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A Fresher’s Manual: Tips on Your First Year at University

The first year at university comes with a wide range of experiences, challenges, and opportunities. Yes, it’s only normal to feel a tad tense at this point in time – but don’t worry, there’s so much to look forward to.

As well as studying a subject you are truly passionate about, you will meet peers from all over the world. 17% of Brits say they first met…


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Downsizing: The Smart Way of Cutting Business Costs

The cost-of-living crisis is taking its toll on businesses. Now, more than ever, you should start thinking about ways to reduce your business costs.

One of the biggest business expenses is rent, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any cheaper. According to Statista, industrial and office rents are expected to grow the most between 2022 and 2026.

Whether you have…


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First Response Finance completes the hat-trick with 2023 award win

First Response Finance, the vehicle finance company with offices in Nottingham, Leigh, and Glasgow, has won another award for the best business within the insurance industry.

This makes it the third category win in a row for ‘Best Car Finance Provider’ at the Consumer Credit Awards,…


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Oceans and Mediaworks Collaborate to Clean Up One of the UK’s Most Polluted Beaches

Making waves once again, sustainable toilet paper company, Oceans collaborates with Mediaworks to take part in The Great British Beach Clean – replacing the porcelain throne for sandcastles for the day as they clean up one of the most…


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5 Ways Your Business Diversity is Improving the Customer Experience

Data shows that 76% of customers would happily move to a different company if it meant they got better customer service. The customer experience can determine your customer loyalty, so ensuring your workforce reflects your customers could solve your customer retention issues.



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Can 'Bleisure' Travel Boost Productivity in the Workplace?​

59% of employees admit that mixing work obligations with travelling and exploring inspires them to be more productive in the…


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