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The Beauty and Benefits of Gig Economy Jobs

Recent statistics from StandOut CV have estimated that around 1.7 million workers make up the UK gig economy workforce, with 89.7% of gig workers stating that the cost of living crisis and a need for additional income influenced their decision to pick up more work. 

Beyond the financial benefits that taking on a gig economy job offers; can it provide other…


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Collaborating with AI and Robots - Busting Common Myths

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are a growing conversation across every industry, specifically around how they can streamline processes and practices. The number of AI companies in the UK has increased by 688% over the past decade and while the advancements in this technology are exciting for many, there have been myths that have instilled worry in many workers over the…


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A Happier and More Productive Workforce: How to Encourage Staff to Get More Active

Research from the World Health Organisation has found that a quarter of adults around the world don’t get the sufficient levels of physical activity needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Businesses should take note of this, as there is a direct correlation between exercise…


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How AI and Automation Can Revolutionise HR

The uses of AI are still being discovered across every industry and department. One department that can find plenty of use for AI and Automation is Human Resources. In fact,…


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Freedom Fatigue: How Can Businesses Retain Their 50+ Workforce?

Supporting your workforce includes managing the happiness and satisfaction of all ages, including those who have been on the staff for longer. But with the current “silver exodus”, there’s a worry that older workforce aren’t finding the same enjoyment in work as they used to. In fact, the unemployment rate of people…


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Three Ways to Support Employee Sleep in the Workplace

It’s estimated that adults between 18 and 65 should aim for seven to nine hours of sleep each night. However, according to data from Nuffield Health in its 2023 ‘Healthier Nation Index’, the average amount of hours has dropped to 5.91 throughout Britain,…


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Unpacking the Impact of the Transport Strikes on Workplaces

Public transportation accounts for the second most common mode of commute in the UK, according to a survey by Statista. Commutes throughout the country have been hugely impacted by the ongoing strikes, with statistics from the UK…


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Evaluating Sustainability: A Forward-Thinking Imperative for the Modern Workplace

Sustainability is an ever-evolving discourse in the corporate landscape, especially with the UK government's ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The stakes are high, especially in sectors like construction, which reportedly contributed 11.2 million metric tons of CO2 emissions in 2020, according to the Office for National Statistics. The imperative is clear: companies must accelerate their journey…


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How to Think Smart on Your Business’ Approach to Corporate Gifting

Gift-giving isn’t only reserved for people in your personal life; it can also be an effective tool to bring people closer in a professional setting. Whether you’re bridging a connection from one business to another or showing your appreciation for those in your team, being able to give a gift which not only means something to the receiver but also represents your company is a must.

In fact, data shows that the UK corporate gift-giving market is…


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Overcoming Cultural Latency: How Video Technologies Support Today’s Hybrid Workplace

Video technologies are emerging as critical tools for overcoming cultural latency in the digital workplace in today’s fast-paced business landscape. The robustness and reliability of video technology, particularly internet protocol television (IPTV), creates unique opportunities to deliver consistent messages and shared experiences across global…


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How can businesses deal with so-called 'loud quitters' and 'rage applying'?

According to new statistics, two in five UK employees are changing jobs before the end of the year, with the demand for hybrid roles being a key driving force in their desire to…


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The UK’s Most In-Demand IT Roles of 2024

The job market is ever-evolving, with new job roles being created every day and career popularity shifting sectors – one sector which is popular for candidate choice, is the IT sector. Jumar, talent acquisition specialists, look at the most in-demand IT job roles and how to hire correctly for these positions in 2024.

Helen Law, Senior Client Services Director at Jumar says: “As the job market changes over time,…


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Early development programmes vital for data centre skills shortage

In the current digital landscape, the demand for professionals is rapidly increasing while the skills gap is also widening. It’s not just in the data centre sector, but across the technology world, sourcing technical talent and strategies to attract and retain talent, continues to be an issue.


The technical skills gap in the UK is a constant uphill battle for many organisations to the point that proactive measures must been taken to address it, if businesses want to drive…


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How video technology in healthcare benefits patients and staff

Communicating information with patients and staff is crucial within the healthcare industry. This is where digital signage and video technology could play a huge role in improving the wellbeing of everyone who visits any professional healthcare environment.

Here, Vitec: a leading…


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Vitec Wins Excellence in Sustainability Award at NAB Show 2024

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Philippe Wetzel, has won the Champion of Sustainability award at NAB Show 2024! …


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Cycling Expert Reveals Budget-Friendly Cycling Breaks in the North West

The 2024 Travel Trend Report by Verdant Leisure shows that 91% of respondents are planning on taking a staycation within the UK throughout 2024. With the ongoing increases in the cost of living, more holidaymakers will likely reassess how they spend their…


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Ways to Strengthen Your External Business Relationships and Reputation

Strengthening business relations can be done in many ways, with some people exploring quality communications or even experiences to bring people together. Some businesses…


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Meet the Leader: Pulsant Manchester Data Centre Manager, Hakan Yalcin

A data centre leader through the day, one part author and one part basketball player at night, Hakan Yalcin embodies the diversity, competition and collaboration that makes him a unique Mancunian local hero.


Manchester has experienced an evolution in becoming a technological hub that rivals London and the South. It has become a true Northern Digital Powerhouse.


A Greater Manchester survey, Adoption of Digital Technologies (ADiTS), found that…


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A Welder’s Guide on Workplace Safety: How to Embrace New and Current Regulations

In the UK alone, there are 1.8 million people who suffer from a work-related illness, with 914,000 employees experiencing work-related stress, anxiety, or even depression.

In this respect, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (OHSR) have been amended to tackle the issue of unreported psychological health problems. While…


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Unlocking Financial Success: Most Lucrative Part-Time Student Jobs

Amidst the cost-of-living crisis, higher education students are increasingly seeking ways to support their exciting university life with additional income. According to the National Student Money Survey, the average student living cost was over £900 per month in 2023. And while just over half (53%) of students rely on their parents for money, 56% have a part-time job, earning them an average of…


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