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The Tone Deaf Candidate

It used to be called ‘optics’ but cleaver journalists have coined a new term—‘tone deaf’. It’s the descriptor used when, say, a company takes bailout money and buys a $50M jet. It’s the description of someone whose champagne tastes are out of step with our national beer budget.

Don't find yourself the ‘tone deaf’ candidate.

If you haven’t been in the job market for some time, you’ll be well advised to get current on the trends in compensation. Don’t find yourself… Continue

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Candidates TTM

Sarah Needleman wrote a great piece in today's Wall Street Journal on candidates over selling themselves through over communication, aka, TTM, aka Talking Too Much and by being too confident and arrogant. You can read it here:

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What DoesYour Age Say About Your Personal Brand?

Here’s a piece of what you missed on today’s webinar, Developing Your Personal Brand–the first step to landing a job.

On this topic of image let’s discuss some very specific issues related to age. We’re not talking about age discrimination per se but will discuss what your style, your look, your approach says about you in a culture that not only values youth but also is adopting work habits and technology at an ever increasing pace.

This is a conversation about age in the… Continue

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Developing Your Personal Brand- the first step in a job search

The Pachera Group is hosting a webinar on December 9th at 10am Pacific.

Whether you are in the job market or positioning yourself for future success, you need a strong, memorable, personal brand in order to stand out. We now compete nationally for opportunities and differentiating ourselves has never been more important.

In this seminar, executive recruiter, Vikki Pachera & team, will show you how to create your own brand to ensure you stand out. We'll start with your… Continue

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The Upside Down that is Detroit

It’s a ditch that is so deep, it’s really mind boggling how we are going to get out. The ditch I’m referring to is Detroit.

Though I’ve long since moved away to pursue a career in high tech, I have an affinity for the area that is rooted in a respect and awe that goes back to my childhood. The Ford plant in our home town was one of the biggest buildings I had ever seen and all those employee cars in the parking lot–wow, it seemed like they… Continue

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Is Changing Jobs That Risky?

The Wall Street Journal ran an article last week citing an Accenture study that found 46% of middle managers in the US felt changing jobs in the current economy was 'risky'. That's consistent with what we are seeing in the market and it makes me worry--not for our business but for those folks who have lulled themselves into a false sense of security.

Take Sun Micro for example. Big beautiful buildings, 30 some thousand employees. Feels pretty secure. Except that their market cap is… Continue

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The Power of a Suit

I loved this recent article in the Wall Street Journal about the power of Christina Binkley's lucky suit. Not because I'm a fan of St. Johns--I'm not. Too difficult to pull off and, in my opinion, too dowdy. And not because I advocate spending that much on a suit--it would be fun but it's unnecessary.

I love this article because Christina has a great outfit in her closet that clearly makes her feel on top of the world, confident, and successful. My theory is the "maître d" can't tell… Continue

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Making the Case for Executive Search

With the state of the current economy–I’ll go out on a limb and say virtually all companies–are toning down their forecasts for the coming year–battening down the hatchets so to speak. So why would anyone spend money on an executive search firm to find talent–particularly with unemployment running so high?

First, think of how hard it was to get approval to hire that open headcount. Clearly the business sees filling that role in this economy of paramount importance. Otherwise, you’d… Continue

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