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Extending Job Offers Too Late

With the demand for technical talent these days I wonder why, after completing many rounds of interviews and deciding to hire a candidate, it takes more than three days to come out with an offer. Why wait? You lose momentum from the last interview with every minute that goes by. Take advantage of the moment and make the offer you intend to make within 24 hours of the candidate’s final interview. Otherwise you run the risk of stunting the momentum you’ve worked so hard to create and souring the… Continue

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Be The First To Make A Job Offer

The technical recruiting world in the last few months has been eye opening. The truth is that the current job market, at least in technology, is as competitive as ever.  If you haven’t hired this year yet you need to read this article because things have drastically changed.

Across the country, different markets typically have very different market trends for a similar type of skill set. As an example, it might be much easier to find a C++ embedded candidate in San Jose than it would…


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Six Ways To Think Like A Great Recruiter

When you’re managing a successful team you know it. You see and hear it happening to other people but it hasn’t happened to you - yet. You’ve even done it to other teams whether you know it or not in order to build your existing team. The better your team is, the more likely they will get recruited or leave for something that’s better for them. At least they think it’s better.

Face it, one of the prime characteristics a successful employee possesses is to think bigger about things… Continue

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How to Extend Job Offers Successfully

You did it! You successfully found someone you want to extend an offer to. The hard part is over… Or is it?

I’ve been working in the recruiting field for some time now, and I’ve found that the average hiring manager takes his foot off the gas right before extending an offer, sometimes messing up the entire process by explaining sloppily that they want the candidate to join the team.

Here are some pointers to remember once you’ve identified the right candidate for the job, to…


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Taking Risks - The Genesis Of Innovation

Looking at my career I've taken my fair share of risks and have gotten rewarded for some great successes because of those risks. I've also failed after taking on some risky ideas, but in the end learned more from the failure and ended up encouraging me to take on even more risks. Taking my first risk was the hardest risk to take, moving to San Francisco from Chicago…


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Don't Burn Your Bridge

I placed a candidate recently who was struggling about how to give proper notice to his employer. He is an incredibly loyal person who was terrified that he was letting his manager, team, and company down after spending the last six years trying to impress, support, and inspire them. He asked me for many different drafts of resignation letters, advice on whether he should take his boss/team…


Added by Timothy Yandel on December 16, 2010 at 2:46pm — 12 Comments

Is Bigger Better?

When I hear a founder touting on how much headcount they have or will be increasing to I sometimes wonder about their definition of success. There are many different verticals and industries out there and some industries measure their success in much different ways. The common thread in every…


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Your Online Image - The Real Job Board

Remember when using the internet while at work was restricted? You know, the dark days when you only had a few sites you could go to that were "allowed" in your organization and any attempt to educate the Internet Warden (boss) was a disaster that ended up backfiring in some ridiculous way that you never saw coming. I'm not talking about porn sites here, but the…


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How To Hire A Developer (Episode 1)

Recently I sat down with William Wechtenhiser (formerly CTO of SonicBids, VP of Engineering at Goldman Sachs and Zoom Info most recently) to…


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How to Hire a Developer (Episode 1)

Recently I sat down with William Wechtenhiser (formerly CTO of SonicBids, VP of Engineering at Goldman Sachs and Zoom Info most recently) to discuss how to hire developers. William and I had talked a few weeks before about how hiring a developer is different than hiring anyone else as a CTO. I was curious, since I've never and most likely will never be a CTO, so I asked to have lunch and talk about…


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