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Winds of change

I ran across an article that was written a while ago but it caught my attention nonetheless. The article was titled “The Dirty Dozen Dangerous Online Job Search Assumptions” and it can be found on It is riddled with comments about the job boards’ inability to ensure that the companies that advertise thru them are real or that the job positions for that matter are real.

The article went on to recommend the use of an identity suppressed or cyber-safe resume. As I was… Continue

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A Recruiter's Personals AD

The more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that we need to return to the basics. I was involved in a discussion today about the need for recruiters to learn to create better job postings. There is still a lot of what we used to call spaghetti recruiting out there. For those of you not old enough to have heard that expression spaghetti recruiting is the methodology of throwing enough resumes at a hiring manager thinking one of them simply has got to stick!

As I… Continue

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Sourcing is like attending a garage sale

The more I think about this the more it makes sense to me. Everything you need to know about sourcing you can learn by attending a garage sale!! Call it what you will; maybe it is the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of finding hidden treasure, or maybe even the thrill of beating the system. (You know, getting good stuff for a fraction of its value!) If you ever attended one you’ll… Continue

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Search Engine - Ease of use

When you ask a group of recruiters about which search engine they prefer you are likely to get many and diverse response starting from AltaVista, Google, Yahoo, live, etc… You also might hear people say "I used to prefer (fill in the name,)" but changed to yahoo or Google or live because it was better. And the one thing that you will soon realize is that everyone’s definition of better varies as well. Since search engines are free and user can go from one search engine to another search engines… Continue

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How do I match the Right Tool to the right job?

Searches don’t happen real-time, they take place in databases, within search engines and under a host of algorithms. Some search engines are free of human intervention while others are a selection of hand picked links. Within search engines, some searches are guided by keywords, some are natural language driven, and yet others are advance intelligence systems.

Search engines, directories, and other search… Continue

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Finding the perfect terms

How to Think Like Your Prospect?

As we consider the candidate mindset, we realize that they're busy achieving their success as a result a large number of candidates are just bored, tired or not interested in looking for “opportunities”. We need to recognize that candidates are chasing a career, not jobs.

When people write their profiles, bios, or resumes, they reflect their personality and skills as they represent their career goals creating an image. They are building a… Continue

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Keywords; The Simplest form of Searching

Before you begin searching

No doubt, you are already used to doing keyword searches on the Internet. The thing you need to know about keywords in order to use them effectively on a search is that you have to match them to the keywords that would be found in the candidates web page, bio, profile or resume. Plain keywords may be the simplest form of searching but they are also the core of the search itself.

Keywords are not either seen or read by the search engine in the same… Continue

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The Ten commandments of search

Here are what I consider to be the most critical parts of internet research. I though I would call them the ten commandment because if you do not apply one of them appropriately your sourcing effectiveness will drop.…


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Writing the perfect query

I’ve been reading a bit about how the effectiveness of a search is measured and have thinking how we can apply it to our sourcing/internet research efforts. I kept coming across several terms which you all may have heard of, terms like precision, recall, and fall-out, which are the most common measurements of search effectiveness. After reading extensively on the subject all I got was a headache. : )

Here is what I took from this migraine generating study. As best as…


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Sourcing thru exalead

For those of you who may be looking for sourcing tools. I did a highlight on the search engine "exalead" on my blog. I featured some of its unique commands. If your interested you can read it at If not, feel free to take a look anyway. I have some capuccino brewing today.

BTW, Slouch if you read…


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Mash your search...

Since we are off to a new year I have been revisiting some of the search engines that had been introduced in the last year. As I did so and I became re-acquainted with SearchMash some of you may remember it, it was launched late 2006.

I ran some searches and It appears to have changed quite a bit from last year. Some great features still remain though. In case you didn't know this is a google testbed for new features…


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Have you met Quintura?

This morning I was re-visiting a search engine called Quintura. Some of you may have heard it before. It came out in late 2005. When it was first released I thought that it was cool but I thought it was just one of those ideas that in my mind was going to fade quickly. Since them Quitura has changed quite a bit and I can now honestly say that they won me over.

It is a great tool, check it out, Quintura…


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My top 5 new year’s sourcing resolutions

I will not immediately resort to quick searches…

Sometimes the temptation to take off running on your search (prior to finishing reading the job description) is just too overwhelming. This is especially true you are challenged to find “the…


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I've been tagged several times. I guess I'm the slow runner

I’ve been tagged. Thanks, Amybeth, Lesley, and Karen. Does that mean I can tag several people back? Things that make you go hhhhmmmmm. What that means is that I need to tell eight things about myself that you probably didn’t know. These are also things that you might not have wanted to know, but the “Tag Receiver Code” commits me to comply."

THE RULES: 1. Post…


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Has anyone heard of Plaxo. I just recieved an inviation to it and I like participation but I have less and less time to do so. There wasn't any information about it at its website. Would anyone care to provide somefeedback. Thanka. Ya'll Rock!!!

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I have heard it all now.

I just ran across a blog entry by Ethan Bloomfield titled "Are we passively missing the best…


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just giving some "link love"

I ran across a website that is posting jobs for free. I am not affiliated with them. I am just wanting to help them spread the word. They are posting our jobs and have made us a premier employer; all free. They are doing so for the next six months and then who knows. As a sourcer, I think we have to try all means and this is certainly worth a try. So far we are already seen some traffic.

In case anyone is interested the website is…


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