I prefer not to comment on blogs that are blatant marketing posts on any site, by people who are too damn cheap to buy an ad. Phil Rosenberg makes a career out of posting half a blog with a link to his site to try and drive traffic to his site. I wasn't born at night and it sure wasn't last night. Being called out for moderating comments it appears he has decided to let comments through on this site rather than try to get them posted on his own blog.

A few words to you Phil. If you want to promote your services to candidates as a job search coach. Buy an ad, you cheap bastard.

If you want to post on a site for recruiters hoping that some recruiters might refer someone to you. It might be in your best interest not to post something that by your own headline is a " dirty, rotten, trick".

There are about a million reasons why job seekers should not resort to "dirty rotten tricks", not the least of which is trying to go around someone who can and will represent that job seeker directly to a hiring manager or have the ear of an internal recruiter. Obviously if a company had a problem paying a fee or did not want a recruiter to interview and screen candidates, the company would not have listed the job with a recruiter. I've been around since Lincoln was a cadet and tennis balls were square. I can promise you that advising any job seeker to go around HR, a recruiter, internal or external has resulted in more disappointment or problems for job seekers than any other stupid advice that failed recruiters turned "job each coaches" ever gave anybody.

Here is the call I got last week.

Candidate: I saw an ad a recruiter was running, I figured out who it was, so I sent my resume to the general manager, he sent it to HR, they won't return my calls nor will the GM. Somebody told me they were interviewing with this company through you. Can you get me an interview?

Me: no, sorry, you have already contacted them and have obviously called them until they have eliminated you.

Candidate: why, I have the experience they want?

Me: I don't know, if I had submitted you I could answer that question. I do know that they listed this spot with two recruiters and have asked us to screen, reference check and do indepth interviews because they don't want to do that internally.

Candidate: but why do they not want to save paying a fee?

Me: don't know guy, I guess they are willing to have us qualify candidates. In the future I would suggest that if you see a recruiter running an ad you assume there is a good reason the company is using a recruiter and contact the person who can get you presented and get feedback for you.

For you Phil, maybe your headline should have read, "dirty, rotten, tricks that can result in job seekers shooting themselves in the foot"

Buy an ad you cheap bastard.

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Comment by Sandra McCartt on June 19, 2012 at 9:13pm
You are so welcome, you self promoting cheap bastard. You like all of us have the ability to post a full article here as most of the posters do. The last excuse I heard from you as to the reason for that was that google would see it as duplicate content so would lower your SEO, so hogwash on that and hogwash on this latest. You have been asked, and warned and told that if you continue to post a self promoting blurb with a link to your site you will receive an invoice for advertising. Your posting here has long been recognized as a cheap attempt to generate traffic to your site thus generating business without paying for advertising on this site as most reputable companies do who are marketing their product or service. In my opinion your blurbs add nothing, your sick need to moderate comments, picking and choosing which you choose to respond to or allow others to see is just another cheap and chickenshit way to promote yourself rather than contribute anything other than a One way projectile puking of promotion.

No , I did not read your article, just your distorted blurb but I truly enjoyed when your link was stripped and was not surprised at your determination to post another link in one of your comments. Take this to your newsletter...people here are generally sick of and bored to death with the users and losers who promote and market on this site.

It is obvious that you have not been a recruiter for a long time. A great deal of your advice is out of date, self defeating for candidates and just flat a disservice in my opinion.

I wouldn't flatter myself that your advice would take food off of my table or any other recruiter's table The reasons you give for this ridiculous advice are so weak that they hardly require a response, but let me address one of them. Yes, we represent the client but in order to provide the best service to our clients it is imperative that we fully represent each qualified candidate in the best possible manner. A good recruiter will normally represent three, at least, good candidates to a company. Thus we do in fact represent candidates, as our client narrows the field being represented by a recruiter means that candidate is not out there on a limb with no ability to get feedback, refute concerns or just simply sell themselves.

As to a candidate going around six recruiters when the company has the job posted on a job board or their career site. Are you kidding me. Are you really telling people it is better to go to the career site or respond through a job board when there are six trained hunters ready to bring a bird back and fight for their candidate.

I have never heard of one case, not one ,when a cndidate who was remotely qualified ,submitted through a recruiter, got no result then went direct and got hired. There are certainly some dumb recruiters out there, but even the dumb ones will get a resume to a client if the candidate is even half way qualified. By telling a candidate if they don't get a result from a recruiter they should go around a recruiter is setting that candidate up for more failure. More times than I can count I have been asked by a client if I know of a Candidate who has contacted them. Yes, I do I rejected them because...if a client is using a recruiter they normally trust our judgement. Most recruiters do not reject surface qualified candidates, if we do it's because we know something the candidate doesn't know so they won't get the job going around us after we have told them it's not a fit. Why would you denigrate the judgement of a recruiter who rejects a candidate by advising that candidate to do an end run around a recruiter because they don't agree with no. Why advise a person to do something unethical because they don't like "no"

How in the hell can any candidate determine if a recruiter has knowledge of the job or a hiring manager. Most probably the recruiter has taken one look at the candidate and the resume, knows it is not. Fit and is not going to provide more information. Great go around th recruiter, you aren't going to get hired but you will have paid some idiot too much if it was over a buck, to get you one more rejection.

Are there situations where it is good for a Candidate to apply direct? Of course ,recruiters only fill a small % of jobs. Advising candidates to waste time, do sneaky crap and set themselves up for more rejecting and failure by digging around trying to go around recruiters is in my opinion, just cheap , cheesy advice. As someone said, why waste time trying to climb a greased pole to get through the backdoor,when one can stand on the ground, be ethical, honest and walk through all kinds of front doors.

since your clients aren't recruiters and it doesn't make sense for you to advertise on this site, how about you quit taking up space, posting your linked blurbs and trying to generate traffic to your site. Either pay to promote your crap or quit insulting everybody's intelligence. There are no suckers here, so if it's not worth paying for, take your cheap bastard self someplace else.
Comment by Sandra McCartt on June 19, 2012 at 9:21pm
And if there is any recruiter republishing your advice, they are either lazy or they haven't been a recruiter over two weeks,based on my opinion of some of your junk I have read, one might as well pay somebody to push them off a cliff.


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