Imagining RecruitHub, Github for Recruiters!

Programmers are on GitHub, Designers are on Dribbble, and everyone is on LinkedIn. Yet we brave sourcers are without a home of our own.

Wouldn't it be swell if there were a place where recruiters could not only collaborate and compare notes, but also be evaluated on their skillset? 

GitHub is brilliant in it's simplicity. Despite the deep, advanced nature of the material, the site is easily navigable, clean, and doesn't overwhelm the user.

Naturally, this would be an ideal jumping off point for a recruiter's internet home base. Here's a look at the public profile for Loni--our Recruiter Evangelist and first user of RecruitHub:


As you can see, there are various areas where RecruitHub could act as both a resource for recruiters as well as an evaluation tool.

Hammer Out Recruitment Processes

In addition to strutting your stuff in terms of successful messaging templates, higher level recruitment processes could also have a home on RecruitHub. Whether it's an outline for an employee referral program, onboarding tactics, or team building roadmaps, your successful tactical guides would not only help others build their great teams, but illustrate to others how exactly you've managed to navigate hiring waters from a high level.

Personal Success Metrics

It might also make sense to include personal stats on your RecruitHub profile. If you've figured out how to calculate important hiring metrics, such as quality of hire, time to hire, and churn rate, including this data would go a long way towards demonstrating credibility.

Recruiting a Recruiter

I know, so meta. But people often forget that organizations must find their recruiters somehow! In the same way that recruiters look at Github to find and assess talent, one could learn a great deal about a recruiter's style, orientation towards metrics, and engagement in the talent acquisition space by perusing RecruitHub.

Whether by virtue of the collaborative, assessment, and community potential, a GitHub for recruiters could grow into a homebase where recruiters can grow, learn, and engage with one another, all while providing the information for accurate skills assessment as well.

What do you think, recruiters? Would you use RecruitHub? Leave a comment or tweet @EnteloRob! 

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Comment by Keith D. Halperin on April 21, 2014 at 7:19pm

Hey Roberrt,

We have something like this. It's called:

Also, if an org has to go round-about to find a solid recruiter (we don't exactly hide)- it has serious problems.

Keep Blogging,


Comment by Derdiver on April 24, 2014 at 7:29pm
Well well well. Is this not interesting. Metrics. The purveyor for the person who does not understand the essence of recruiting IMHO. GitHub was se signed to help coders not recruiters. Unless this site is a joke it is truly misguided.
Comment by Nicholas Meyler on April 27, 2014 at 4:04pm

I don't know... I kind of like it.  What about a website where people could flame candidates that are atrocious?  That might be a little fun, too.  I have never had any problems with 'crowd control' in 25 years as a recruiter, except in the Ruby field.  I've noticed that certain ringleaders get very quiet when confronted about making terroristic statements, and a lot of the copycats stop harassing me then...  It does work.


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