She Sells Seashells by the Seashore - "Virtually"

Yes, she sells seashells by the seashore virtually….

Please don’t expect an e-Card or evite from me in the near future. I am kind of “old school” in this sense. I enjoy a hand written card, note or mailed invitation. In fact, most of the events and parties that I attend sent me an invite in the mail. For the most part those evites that clutter my inbox generally go unread.

Being “virtual” these days does have its limitations…..
A few months ago, I wanted to send someone in my network a simple “Thank you” card. You would have thought it would be as simple as:

1. Buy a card

2. Write a note

3. Send it off


There was no physical address for this person. The company website held a private registration and there was no listed address.

Yes, I did a reverse telephone look up. I asked folks in our shared network if they had an office address. It produced nothing.

How would I be able to send him a hand written “thank you”? Was I destined to settle for an email, tweet or LinkedIn Inmail? I could always write a nice wall-to-wall note on Facebook.

Being a ”virtual” allows me to be every where at even given moment. It’s very convenient, all I need is a working phone line and I can recruit. Yes, access to the web would help tremendously.

But do you ever wonder where I am? You may have some idea in your mind. Does my office match the idea of it? Maybe you see me with a beach front office or overlooking a large Silicon Valley high rise.

Don’t misunderstand me. I LOVE social media and online networking. It’s fast, efficient and a darn right fun way of doing professional tasks. But sometimes, I like to go a little “old school”.

I just want to send YOU a hand written note once in a while. A token to show you my appreciation or to cheer you up or wish you “happy birthday”.

As with many careers these days, my recruiting profession is allowing for more of a “virtual” world. Social media is really beginning to take off in many business verticals. Face to face and phone calls are taking a backseat to IM’s and emails. Even in other professional roles such as Inside Sales Reps and Marketing professionals are using electronic forms of communication to promote and sell. Quite frankly, I find email blasts for the most part are just plan annoying.

In my view, a personal note tells the recipient more about who I am as a professional. I can send tweets, Facebook IM’s and emails, but aside from a face to face meeting how else can you get to know me better and vice versa?

This brings me to the purpose of this blog post:

Those of you in my professional network, I wanted to send you a little handwritten note this past week. Oh, did I had a difficult time finding your business address! If you receive my note in the near future, I was successful.

If you didn’t, I ask you…

At which seashore do you sell your seashells?

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Comment by Susan Kang Nam on August 12, 2008 at 8:19am
This is great Heather. Actually I had this conv with my college friend recently and I truly believe that having that extra touch and something to "look" at..and remind always bring a smile ~~ handwritten thank you notes goes a long way (although not everyone has the time to do so.. but someone "does" that individual (candidates, clients, friends) stand out for sure. Sure.. social websites are out there..and convenient.. but a handwritten note is extra special.. One of the things I know my sister (owner of pink olive boutique) love to do - seek out great g.card vendors and bring into her boutique sites~~ btw love the seashells idea!


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