Revamping Diversity Recruiting Initiatives That Don't Work

I responded to a previous discussion on LinkedIn on this subject with an invitation to provide ideas. I replied with:

"So you're working on revamping your "diversity recruiting
initiative". This suggests that you're not happy with your past effort(s).

Sourcing and recruiting diversity is always a challenge, but my initial advice
is to first look within. All to often poor diversity hiring results are driven
by a hiring process and/or a hiring team that actually works against making
diversity staffing happen.

For example:
1). If you're too slow to move on key minority candidates, once they’re
identified, competitors will beat you to them. Speed to interview and speed to
job offer gives you an advantage against even stronger competitors.

2). If your hiring team is not on-board with pursing diversity candidates, the
process can be sabotaged. I've been on teams where certain members don't get
it, or are uncomfortable in doing it. They feel and are out-of-place at
minority job fairs, for example. At diversity awards banquets—they sit with
their team rather than mingle with strangers—minority attendees (potential
diversity candidates).

3). If you’re misunderstanding what will attract minority candidates to your
job, company and geography, they will not come. Clue: challenging work; career
growth opportunities; recognition for viable contributions and
invitation/inclusion in day-to-day activities both business and social; and
hopefully some diversity representation in senior management roles in your
company, board of directors, etc., because if this does not exist—see

4). If you have little or no diversity representation on the hiring team,
senior management and the general employee population--you will not be a first
choice against competitors who have that representation.

5). If you don't regularly support, participate and create diversity outcomes
with the multitude of entities that do, e.g., diversity initiatives in
academia, diversity rich job fairs, diversity focused growth programs,
organizations and diversity leadership in the trenches--then you're invisible.

6). And, if you notice an up-tick in attrition of recent minority hires,
because that does tend to happen with freshly launched diversity
staffing/recruitment efforts—revisit all of the above.

Hope this helps and good luck in this important effort toward making diversity

Thought it was worth repeating.

Valentino Martinez -

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Comment by Paul Alfred on February 13, 2010 at 5:47pm
Hi Valentino,

I work in the industry and i have to say that in the end when we pre-qualify candidates based on their qualifications regardless of their race ... In the end its going to come down to hiring authorities to change their attitudes with respect to hiring minorities ... I have presented visible minorities to many companies over the years and they get passed over for other candidates who fit the Status Quo who were less qualified. When asked for feedback on why the candidate was not strong enough I get lame answers.

The real question is how many people are in Society today across the Career spectrum who might be a minority that are overlooked who are real gems within their chosen professions ... Perhaps "The Obama Factor " could change people's mindsets by giving that visible minority another look if he/her is qualified.... We can discuss the "Obama Factor" at another time ...


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