We’ve all read of the best habits of highly successful people.  However what bothers me the most is the incompetence that we experience on a day to-day basis.  Many like to blame it on a generation and attribute it to a case of entitlement.  I on the contrary believe otherwise.  In my everyday work I come across several of those regardless of the generation.  Here are the 10 most annoying habits.

  1. They pretend to know everything- While the world knows them as incapable- they would like to still live in a La La Land and pretend that ‘they know everything’.  Arrogance folks!
  2. They don’t read- No, I’m not talking just emails- they don’t read period. I recently read an article that spoke right back at me on this.  Sent does not mean received.  That was meant for people like me for sure.  If you sent an email explaining what needs to be done- you would think they have received it.  Nope- think again. 
  3. They are not reliable- If you think you can trust them to generate reports, send emails or respond to emails on time- think again. The countless number of times they get the organization in trouble is enough to make you wonder why they are sitting on that seat in the first place.  Or rather- why they are kept in that seat?  (that’s another piece for a separate blog altogether)
  4. They don’t understand basic Math- Imagine having control of the entire payroll team but not understanding if you’ve over paid or double billed or billed at all. Sigh…!  Imagine being a Chief Customer Officer but not responding to basic queries- I can scream sometimes.
  5. They have no sense of urgency- To understand a sense of urgency- one needs to understand the way business works. For them- work is a 9 to 5 job.  Clock in – Clock out.  Rest is for tomorrow!
  6. They don’t care for customers- In my world as a staffing agency- consultants bring the money. They are as much a customer for us as our clients.  If they email, call or text with a need- it is imperative to get back to them.  Not always with these folks- they are used to saying- sorry I missed the emails or the phone call or the request that was to be completed.  Saying it once, twice, thrice can be legit when you are wading through hundreds of emails- but when that becomes an everyday phenomenon- I really can’t help but wonder…
  7. They have no ownership- It is only when you have a true sense of ownership that you begin to resolve issues. Not in this case- whether it’s paying bills, sending a report, calls or emails- they simply have no sense of responsibility or accountability.
  8. They are transactional- They are merely paper shufflers to say the least. Going above and beyond email forwarding- requires application of their mind.  Oh My…That’s quite a challenge for them!
  9. They like the glory but no time for the staffing quarry- Pictures for media anyone? Right there- Left, Right and Center- Cheese!  WT??!!
  10. They are highly disorganized- In a world filled with apps to keep you organized- you’d think they’d at least maintain a calendar! Wrong- they depend on their human brain to still remember dates and times of hundreds of events in a fun filled year. 

Surprised?  I’m sure you’ve experienced some of these too in your interactions with customers and colleagues.  Incompetence does not discriminate- age, sex, class, schooling- no bar.  It’s everywhere around us.  I read somewhere that Stupidity kills.  At the risk of sounding condescending- May I say- Yes it does kill and many of us are dying bit by bit every day.  The effect such people have on company morale – terribly high! Incompetence kills- Negligence causes career suicide!  

Disclaimer:  The views, opinions and positions expressed by the author and those providing comments on these blogs are mine and theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of my work place, work colleagues, friends, family, or anyone related to me by blood or otherwise ;)

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