10 Innovative Ways to Generate Recruiting Blog Posts (without a lot of work)

Candidates and clients are attracted to recruiters who are experts in both the recruiting industry and their niche.  Blogging is an excellent platform for recruiters to generate thought leadership, and demonstrate their expertise .  However, it can be intimidating to come up with a monthly, weekly, or even daily post.


Are you a recruiter who wants to start blogging, but is afraid of running out of ideas?  Don’t be.  Writing blog posts does not have to be a lot of work.  There are very few genuinely new ideas floating around on the web.  What counts is your unique opinion and perspective. There are several easy strategies you can use to create great posts without generating a lot of new content.


Presenting 10 creative ways to craft enticing content for your recruiting blog:

1. Take a Poll. Poll your Facebook fans, LinkedIn connections, online community, or in-person network.  Polls are quick, and easy. Write about the poll results and what they mean for recruiters, candidates, or clients in your industry.


2. Start a Discussion. You know the hot buttons in your industry. Recruiters vs. HR, social media, and the LinkedIn IPO are all trending topics in recruiting right now. Post a discussion to Facebook, LinkedIn, a forum or online community. Compile the responses into a post, drawing your own conclusion from what others have said.


3.  Be the Devil’s Advocate. Everyone loves a good debate, and chances are that the popular opinion has been done to death.  You already know the issues, so stir up a great conversation by taking the non-conventional side of an argument.


4. Be a Connoisseur. Create your own “Top Ten” list.  The best of the best, or even the worst of the worst.  Compile a list of links to blog posts, articles, videos, websites, or any other type of content you’ve come across that resonated with you.


5. Vlog. Yes, vlog.  As in v(ideo) (b)log.  Step back from the keyboard and try your hand at a video post.  You can create a video post out of fresh content, or even use it to extrapolate on one of your most popular blog posts.  It’s a great way to flesh out the writer behind the words, add dimension to your blog, and put a face to your personal brand.


6. Use Pop Culture. Relate your ideas to something in pop culture or the media.  Try a post like ” How would you fill Michael Scott’s Job?”, “How to Recruit Like Donald Trump,”  or “What Beyonce Can Teach You About Creating a Global Network.”


7.  Tell a Story from Your Life. How you placed a difficult candidate, how you landed your best client, what your 7-year-old has taught you about being a good recruiter, or the valuable lesson you learned from your biggest failure – share your story.  The content is already there, you just have to write it down.


8.  Be a Reporter. Interview a client, colleague, relative, or the guy you buy your breakfast sandwich from every morning.  It is easy to come up with a handful of questions, and it’s likely they’ll lead to a goldmine of information you can relate to sales, marketing, recruiting, employment, and other unique facets of the industry you work in.


9.  Feature a Guest Blogger. Invite someone you admire or an up-and-coming blogger to write a post for your blog.  You’ll both benefit from cross-exposure.  Plus, you don’t have to come up with any content at all.


10.  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. When words are failing you, find a compelling image.  Then, pair it with a great headline.  Use an image to make a point without writing a long post.


This post originally appeared at www.sendouts.com.





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