10 questions to ask recruitment software providers

Selecting recruitment software is a decision that doesn’t come around often. If your recruitment software isn’t enabling consultants to find and place more candidates it isn’t working. If you are in the market for new recruitment software make sure you ask potential providers the right questions so you know the system you purchase does the job it needs to.

Check out my top 10 questions to ask recruitment software providers:

1. How will your recruitment software empower my consultants?

The outcomes determine the worth of your recruitment software. A recruitment CRM should make a recruiters life easier enabling them to the source more clients and place more candidates. When speaking to a potential provider ask what features and integrations will help your consultants during their working day. Don’t get hung up on the industries current buzzwords, find out how the solution will empower consultants.

2. Do you have experience within the sector?

It is important your recruitment software provider has knowledge of the industry. Ask how the company was formed, what experience senior staff have and how they are currently involved in recruitment. You want your providers to be experienced but you don’t want to hand your precious data to a competitor that also develops recruitment software.

3. Do you develop in-house or outsource?

Are you buying from the source or from a middleman? A provider that outsources development is likely to have far less control compared to a provider that develops in-house. If you need to speak to a developer or product specialist how easily could you get them on the phone?

4. What platforms / devices does the database work on?

A modern recruiter works on the go and outside of traditional hours. Regardless of whether you work from Apple or Windows platforms your recruitment technology should work seamlessly across all devices as standard.

5. Are future upgrades included in the price?

Recruitment software is moving at a rapid pace, to help future proof your organisation check what upgrades are planned and what upgrades are included.

6. What training options are available?

Ask potential providers about their training delivery options (phone, on-site, training centre etc.) It is also worth considering what happens when you take on new staff, how will they be trained?

7. What support is available?

With the right training support requirements should be minimised, however it is important support is on hand should you need it. Check what times support is available and how you can contact support representatives.

8. Is it available as a Cloud solution or a server based solution?

Dependent on your IT setup and business requirements it may be more beneficial to work from the Cloud in comparison to a server based database (or vice versa). Ask potential providers which solution would be more suitable and why. If you regularly work away from the office or across multiple devices a Cloud based recruitment solution may be more suitable.

9. What is the contract length and break points?

If you pick the right recruitment software you shouldn’t need to leave, but it is worth making sure you can should circumstances change. Make sure you have it in writing that you can export your data and that you aren’t locked into any over the top, lengthy contracts.

10. Is the solution scalable?

If you hire additional consultants how will this affect the price? If there comes a time where you need to downsize can you cancel user licenses? Modern day software should work with your business, as your requirements change so should your software.

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