Whether you are actively looking for a new system or just want to see how solutions have progressed, the recruitment software dictionary has been created to help clear up some of the technical terms and phrases associated with recruitment software.

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The analysis of meaningful patterns in data and statistics. Analytics within recruitment software will enable professional recruiters to spot areas for improvement and potential problems before they become an issue.

Acronym of Applicant Tracking System: software designed to help recruitment professionals monitor candidates and applications. Also referred to as Candidate Tracking Systems (CTS).

An abbreviation of application program interface. An API is set of rules and procedures that allow applications to share features and data. HRS recruitment software links with leading job boards including Broadbean through an API.

Back office
Key tasks required to keep a recruitment agency running, these commonly include invoice creation and placement information. Recruitment software should help improve efficiency minimising the time spent on back office admin.

Big data
Taken directly from Forbes: Big data is a collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company that represents a source for ongoing discovery and analysis.

Boolean (search)
A type of search that allows users to increase the relevancy of results by using AND / OR variables. As a recruitment professional you may want to search you database for ‘Sales Manager’ and then increase the relevancy drilling down results to show records that include ‘London’ and ‘B2B’.

Cloud (recruitment software)
The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data (rather than a local server or a personal computer). Selecting Cloud recruitment software over local server hosting should reduce initial outlay, as expensive IT hardware is not required.

Acronym of Customer Relationship Management: a system for managing your organisation’s information. A recruitment specific CRM should enable consultants to make more placements by increasing efficiency, extending their reach and making information more accessible.

Cross-platform / multi-platform
Cross-platform recruitment software allows you to access your system across multiple operating systems. Regardless of whether you work on Apple or Windows platforms your recruitment technology should work seamlessly across all devices as standard.

Data migration
The process of transferring data from one system and uploading to another. Often a complex process as systems are set up and programmed differently. Data migration between recruitment software systems enables recruiters to take their valuable client and candidate data across to a new system.

iFrame / inline frame
HTML embedded within a webpage or document. An iFrame may be used to display current vacancies from your database on your website.

Acronym of: Internet Message Access Protocol. A protocol for retrieving email messages, IMAP emails are linked to a mail server so changes made from one device are synced. If you open an email in your recruitment software the action will be replicated in your standard inbox.

The ability to bulk send email to your contacts. When speaking to providers about mailshot functionality ask about the reporting included, it is important hot leads are recognised and relevant action is taken.

Mobile optimised / mobile ready
Recruitment software that is mobile optimised / mobile ready allows consultants to access candidate and client data on the move. Providing consultants with the tools to search your database, update records, add and match candidates whilst away from their desk could be the difference between loosing and placing a candidate.

Parsing (CV parsing)
The process of breaking information down into smaller chunks so that it can be transferred to a new destination. For example candidate CVs could be parsed straight into your recruitment database creating a new candidate record. The process of parsing within recruitment software increases recruitment efficiency. A potentially time- consuming task can be reduced to seconds.

Remote access / remote desktop
Software that allows a computer to run in one location and be accessed remotely from another device. Recruitment software providers may utilise remote access to install systems over the Internet.

Acronym of Software as a Service - a cloud based distribution model in which software is hosted by a vendor and made available over a network (e.g. internet). The pricing model for SaaS applications is typically a monthly or yearly per user fee enabling customers to add or remove licenses as required.

Server (based recruitment software)
A device that manages a centralised application (e.g. recruitment software) so that multiple users can access.

Ticket system (support tickets)
A system that enables recruitment software providers to manage and address customer issues efficiently. Ticketing systems allow customers to log issues and track the progress of fixes, ensuring both parties are kept up to date.

Acronym of Extensible Markup Language - a coding language that defines a set of rules for encoding files in a format that is both readable by humans and machines.

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