3 Major Reasons Why Getting A Job is Tough

It is a harsh world for the fresh graduates out there. In a perfect world, we could have hoped that a university not only taps your academic potential but also helps you adjust quickly to the practical world. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all that often. The dark, dreary reality is even bleaker for those who have equipped themselves smartly to run with the tide. The tide of job seeking requires attributes that some people ignore. However, not only do some seekers lack in certain aspects but the corporate world is also one of vigorous competition and perfection. With no experience, jobs are harder to come by. Even entry-level positions require a reasonable standard of professionalism for their candidates. Having said that, this was just scratching the surface of the demanding job seeking journey. This article will delve into more nuanced reasons for why getting a job is hard.

1. Lack of confidence

You read it right. The “confidence advice” may have been beaten to death by now. However, it is more of a classic than a cliché. Confidence matters. Confidence is the magic ingredient that most entry-level job seekers lack. Alas, no magic potion can transform a person into a confident, self-assured individual. For most job seekers, limp nerves, sweaty palms, and flustered speech gets the better of them. This then becomes the reason for their rejection. Your recruiter wants to see some potential in you. They want to know if you have the capability to work or perform in a challenging environment. A person lacking in confident seems a lousy candidate for the job.

2. Unprofessional CV

Your CV may as well be the equivalent of your annual performance in middle school. Most recruiters are looking for CV according to their requirements. If you make a CV which doesn’t fulfil their expectations, then, your chances of getting the job become slim. For instance, some recruiters require strict regulations for their CV’s such as no lines, no pictures, specific job details (which many people fail to mention) and no graphics. However, other recruiters may be looking for a more unconventional CV, such as one with creative visuals and graphics and quirky fonts. Fulfilling these expectations is not easy for everyone.

3. The dreaded “E” word

The dread “E” word is the experience. For people seeking entry-level jobs, having no expertise becomes a vicious cycle. After all, you are supposed to have a job to have experience. Unfortunately, many candidates enter interview rooms with no experience. Jobs, they are given to candidates who have prior experience as no company wants to invest resources and time training a fresh graduate for an entry-level position.

Nowadays, getting a job even at the entry- level is not an easy task. With no experience, jobs defy such candidates. However, hope must not be lost. Many startups are willing to give entry-level employment to fresh job seekers. Additionally, new graduates must also strip their ego and accept low wages for the sake of building their experience. With ample experience, they can create a better CV for a more lucrative job.

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