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How to Find your Career Passion

Every individual in their life must have heard this advice of finding a passion and following it rigorously to achieve their dreams. Whether you are a student or an employee in a firm, you need to find love in what you do. Without passion, there will be no dedication. Ultimately, you will get tired of the things you are doing, and life will become monotonous.

Having a passion gets…


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How can you tell you are Passionate About the Job you’re Doing?

A common question we often forget to ask yourselves is, in fact, the one we should inquire ourselves about, i.e. if we really are passionate about our current employment. The fact of the matter is that people strive in life for the two primary necessities of financial endowment and self-satisfaction. There are people pursuing careers for monetary satisfaction, and others are dreamers because they’re…


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Job Satisfaction or High Salary, What will you Choose?

Without a doubt, almost all job seekers yearn to have a high salary package. However, when it comes with the price tag of losing your job satisfaction, is it really worth it? This is the question that bothers many job-doers.

Not everyone is lucky enough to find a job that offers them both – an attractive salary package and job satisfaction. Therefore, many job-doers have to make this difficult choice of selecting either of them. In this post, we have shed…


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Why You Should Consider an Apprenticeship

Getting a suitable qualification is everyone’s wish, but with increasing tuition fee, a lot of students are opting out of universities and looking for alternate methods to become qualified enough for a high paying job. Apprenticeships are one such method. Why do we recommend apprenticeships for people who want to build a strong career foundation? Keep reading to find…


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Resumes for Beginners

If you’re a fresh graduate, the word resume would be haunting you. It is a necessary document you need to apply for any job in any career. The fact that you have graduated and had zero experience whatsoever makes the resume formation ten times harder. But you don’t have to worry anymore because this guide here will help you form a resume that will minimise your rejection…


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How to Make your First Day of Work Count

The excitement of anything for the first time is totally unexplainable. As someone who has been looking for an excellent job for a while and is finally getting to go to work, you must be extremely excited for your day. There’s a high chance you’re getting anxious about messing up. Don’t worry because our tips will help you make an impression on the first day that will leave your workplace in…


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Top Tips on Climbing the Ladder at Work

The most successful people in any career are those who are striving for success every day. It is true that you can climb up the ladder of your career in the corporate sector if you try hard enough. We have brought you our best advice to help you reach the top in no time at all!

Positive relationships

As a beginner in the corporate world, you will need a…


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Choosing a Career at University

College is a very tough time. The education system is changing, you’re having a hard time adjusting to the new environment, the rush for filing admissions is getting you crazy and what not! At this time, the most vital step of choosing a degree usually gets undermined. A lot of students make the mistake of thinking that they’ll opt for anything right now and change the degree later on after the…


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Ways to Avoid Gender Bias and Get an Equal Pay

It is 2018 at yet; women are still not paid equal to men for the same jobs. Do you find yourself stuck in such an issue? We have brought you things you can do to stand for demanding your equal rights.

Make sure your issue is valid

There is a chance you compared your pay to a male colleague and found out that you’re being paid way less than him. However,…


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How to Know That you're Being Paid your Worth

As a fresh face in the professional world, you’re highly likely to get exploited. What makes this more natural for the professional world’s devils is the fact that you’re inexperienced, desperate for a job, and don’t know your worth. Our best suggestion to you is never to let that happen. No matter what happens never allow your skills be exploited. Value yourself and strive to get paid for what you deserve.


You need to do your homework. Explore the market to find… Continue

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7 Things Internships Teach You

The start of a career is the trickiest part. Once you get through the beginning stage, it gets more comfortable and much more enjoyable. One way to make your entry in the professional world a tad bit easier is by opting for internships. Want to know why? Keep reading!

New skills

There are specific skills you can learn on your own. However, how those skills…


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Seven Reasons Why you Don’t Need University to Get a Job

Have you ever wondered why you spend so many years at a university? Is it because you want to get a degree so that you can get a highly paid job easily? Sorry to burst your bubble but you can get a well-paid job without going to university too! Here are seven reasons why you don't need university for a good job.

Online learning

The trend of everything…


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Top Interview Questions Asked and How to Answer Them

We have all had that not-so-special feeling of beating hearts, sweaty palms, and raspy breaths. The state describes the sense of a fresh graduate going to the first interview. New students going for entry-level jobs can especially subscribe to this feeling. The collective thoughts that plague a fresh job seeker are:

• Am I prepared enough?

• What will they ask me?

• What can they ask me?



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3 Helpful Ways Universities Can Improve Youth Employment

College is just a small step on the road to realising, utilising and fulfilling your potential. Some college experiences amount to taking lectures all day and attending club meetings. Unfortunately, that is not going to prepare you for the necessary money-making venture later on. Colleges sometimes don’t do their part as students are thrust into the practical world without any prior knowledge of the…


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4 Blunders that Entry-Level Job Candidates Make During Interview

There are blunders that entry-level job seekers make during their interview that can seriously impair their ability to bag a good position in the company. Getting the first call to the company is a “hurray” moment in anyone’s life, but unfortunately, some candidates ruin their moments. Lack of experience, misinformation and carelessness are the main culprits of lousy interview practices. Interview…


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5 Resume Mistakes that Job Seekers Make

If there is one thing that gets most students worked up, it is the mundane task of drafting their resume. Your resume represents your capabilities in a paperback version. It must be reflective of your strengths and skills. Fresh applicants who recklessly design their resumes must be prepared to get them trashed in the nearest bin. First-level job seekers are in a pickle to find a job quickly. The…


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5 Ways to Impress Your Boss on Day One

After you have had your share of buttered pancakes and coffee hits in the breakfast of first job day, the feeling of accomplishment at getting the job, it is replaced by a sense of dread. What must I do to make a good impression? How can I make my boss like me? How should I approach my colleagues? How would I deal with a work problem? These are all valid concerns that bug many entry-level or freshly…


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Vital Skills That Recruiters Seek In Entry-Level Employees

With the youth unemployment increasing day by day, there are multiple debates on what could possibly improve the communication between the job recruiters and the candidates. What is it that interviewers seek in an entry-level employee? How much does Alma Mater matter? Are skills such as Photoshop, Excel, Word more important than the right attitude?

Interestingly, a study by the BMO financial…


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The 5 Biggest Mistakes that Entry-Level Job Seekers Make

Coaching of entry-level job seekers is extremely important to improve the rate of youth employment. From having the right attitude to the right resume, many entry-level employees make grave errors. Recruiters often complain of interviewers coming in with gums in their mouth to applicants whose calls go dead in the middle of interview briefings. Unfortunately, the result of such reckless and…


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Why You Should Choose a Recruitment Agency

For both job seekers and recruiters, it is necessary to find a harmonious platform for connecting.

Entry-level job seekers with poor research skills find it difficult to navigate the job market. With no relevant prior job experience, their options are already meagre. The recruiters, on the other hand, find it difficult to systematically organise the scores of resumes they receive in their…


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