3x Tripling Your Talent Acquisition Capability

In recent times, we all have seen the job market continue to make headlines. Shrinking budgets and high competition for talent is becoming a typical dilemma among recruiters. People who possess high skills are scars. According to  the economic release of The US Department of Labour,  job openings rose to 5.6 million in December 2015; every company wants a top talent. For talent acquisition experts it’s a tough task to manage a  talent pipeline which is limited, This article we will guide recruiters into becoming talent acquisition experts. At the same time, we will reveal how recruiters can ramp up their talent acquisition capabilities-

“People are not your most valuable asset ……..The RIGHT people are.” – Jim Collins

  • Understand the difference- Recruiting is not a talent acquisition. Their meaning is the same but conventionally recruiting is used for mass hiring, for example, government jobs or military. But when you associate it with big companies, the term recruitment is often used as talent acquisition. Meaning employers hire for talent and not for job-fit. By calling potential employees  “talent”,  employers show that they value the talent of candidates and they are an important part of the organization.
  • Dive into the Big Data-Leverage new scientific assessment tools to find and access best talents that fit your company’s culture. Many big data tools are available like LinkedIn, Facebook, Talentbin, instaTalent powered by IBM Watson and Entello to identify and source the top talents. These applications apply big data analytics to source the best candidates from the globe. Out of all big data tools, instaTalent is the most cost effective and easy tool to source candidates. They use big data analytics & IBM powered cognitive computing to recommend the best candidates. The Culture-fit attribute of this employee recruitment software is amazing! It discovers the perfect candidates based on their natural linguistic data.
  • Marketing is everything- 12860-NOMkMJLTie up with your marketing team to build an integrated branding and communications strategy that attracts candidates and employees, and not only customers. Use your career site to show the culture of your company. Leverage social media tools to show How much fun it would be to work in our company!.
  • Maintain passive candidate list- According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2015, For the critical job, 95% of the people you want to hire aren’t looking for a job. They are the passive candidates, Keep them in your talent pipeline. Use relation management to cultivate the prospect candidate. Finding passive talent is very difficult, cold calling them won’t do any good, be a networker. Stay in their circle, write them a personalized email and most importantly, don’t try to buy them with money; buy them with growth and satisfaction.
  • Find them before they find you- Be flexible when it comes to connecting to the prospect talent. A recent study was done by SHRM: Recruitment & Screening 2016, 66% organizations leverage mobile for recruiting whereas recruiting via social media is growing by 84%. Every company uses social media but a smart company leverages to build broader and robust talent communities. Be flexible with being on every platform where you may find the top talents. For example, use Snapchat for recruitment. A majority of the users on Snapchat are under 25 years old, from there you can get fresh graduates.
  • Learn from the big players- Big companies creatively recruit their candidates, which adds to their employer brand from these creative campaigns they get rich talent pipeline. Definitely, there is an opportunity for every company to stand out as an employer brand. Candidates today aren’t just looking for your job opening, they are considering how you use social media, blogs, events and any unconventional methods to entice them to apply. For example, in 2015, Amazon created a tinder account to find young and single candidates.
  • Use sourcing tools to get best candidates- Use sourcing tools to boost up your talent pipeline. Leverage sourcing tools like 3sourcing, Talentbin and instaTalent to find employees online. 3sourcing is most commonly used for cross-referencing the candidate in the tech industry. These sourcing tools help talent acquisition experts find top talents.These recruitment software help in selecting the best talent.

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