4 Blunders that Entry-Level Job Candidates Make During Interview

There are blunders that entry-level job seekers make during their interview that can seriously impair their ability to bag a good position in the company. Getting the first call to the company is a “hurray” moment in anyone’s life, but unfortunately, some candidates ruin their moments. Lack of experience, misinformation and carelessness are the main culprits of lousy interview practices. Interview mistakes are more common than you might think. Here are the top sins that entry-level job seekers make.

1. Not Researching the Company

Many candidates are stumped by the question “What do you know about our company?” when they have not had the foresight to research the company beforehand. Not knowing about the vision of the company can display carelessness, unprofessional attitude and laziness on the job seeker’s part. You might have aced all the confidence points, but no knowledge about the company is a let-down. To avoid this error, review the company ahead of time and ensure you do your research.

2. Incorrect Resume Facts

You must have heard the commonly passed phrase “Everybody lies on their resume”. Many people religiously stick by this practice. Well, people who jump on the bandwagon of giving fuzzy CV details are in more danger than they realise. Recruiters themselves were in the position of entry-level employment once. They are well aware of all the lies and schemes to make the CV look more capable than it is. If a recruiter asks you a detailed question about “Photoshop” which you so carelessly slapped on the resume in your “skills section”, then get prepared for rejection immediately. Recruiters seek honest individuals who are transparent in their actions. They feel that a sketchy individual will bring that unprofessional behaviour with them on the job.

3. Coming in Late

Coming in late to the interview is another sin that job seekers make. It conveys a careless and uninterested attitude towards the job. For entry-level positions, recruiters want to hire someone who has a positive attitude combined with the willingness to learn. Recruiters also seek individuals with excellent time management skills. Meeting deadline goals are the target of every company. Arriving late could mean that you are not cut out for the job.

4. Being Talkative

Being chatty on the interview without listening to the interviewer is a turn-off. Being confident is a plus, but being over-confident seems uncultured and uncouth. Additionally, there are also nervous talkers who babble on in stressful situations. One must strike a balance between talking, responding and active listening. Not only will that make you rank higher in the personality scale of classiness but it will plainly put you on the list of shortlisted candidates.

Getting the first interview call is the first step on the road to success, but you must be fully aware of all the interview sins to master it. The takeaway from the above blunders is that as an entry-level job candidate, you must be willing to show superior work-ethic, a go-getter attitude and professionalism.

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