4 Career Possibilities That Give You More Freedom in Life

Although money is important, it's also crucial to consider the lifestyle a career will give you when choosing your professional path. Some careers will offer you much more freedom than others in terms of both scheduling flexibility and the opportunity to work anywhere. Here are four career possibilities you should consider if you want more freedom in your professional life.

Registered Nurse

Becoming a registered nurse will effectively guarantee you a job in almost any city with a hospital. Nursing staff are in short supply relative to the number of open positions these days, meaning that most medical facilities are always looking for new hires. Nursing is also a reasonably well-paid profession that can provide you with a decent standard of living.

Freelance Worker

If you're skilled in graphic design, marketing, search engine optimization, computer programming or another digital service, you may be able to make a living providing your services on a freelance basis. Although it's less financially stable than holding down a traditional job, being a freelancer allows you to set your own schedule and work anywhere with an internet connection. If you want to follow this path, you'll likely want to start out working part-time while holding a regular job, as it can take some time to build up a full-time income.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers are essential to modern transportation and supply chains. As a result, licensed drivers are in high demand and can find work almost anywhere. CDL truck driver positions usually pay well and offer decent benefits. If you want a flexible job but can't stand the idea of working behind a computer, becoming a truck driver may be the perfect option for you.

Boat Deckhand

Although it's rarely discussed these days, becoming a deckhand on a tugboat or barge is a great way to make money while enjoying a relatively free lifestyle. Deckhands typically work on a rotation, spending a certain number of days on the boat and then having several days off. These off days are yours to do with as you please, giving you a great deal of freedom. Experience as a deckhand will also allow you to work anywhere with commercial shipping activity.

These four careers can all allow you to earn money while enjoying more freedom in your life. If you value freedom and want a career that will afford you plenty of flexibility, consider one of these four paths.

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