4 Safety Issues Construction Workers Need to Be Aware of on the Job

As one of the most hazardous occupations in the nation, construction work can involve many different types of dangerous situations for workers on a daily basis. Though most employers make safety a top priority for their workers, that is not always the case. Because of this, workers need to be very proactive in making sure they stay safe while performing their jobs each day. If you work in construction, here are four of the top safety concerns of which you should be aware while on the job.

Slipping and Tripping

If you perform much of your work on scaffolding or high above the ground, always be aware of not slipping and tripping while walking around. From hand tools that may have been left laying around to water or other substances being spilled and not cleaned up, one wrong move could have you severely injured very quickly.

Asbestos Fibers

If you are helping to tear down or renovate an older building, it is possible you could be exposed to asbestos fibers in the air around you. If this is the case, you need to wear the proper respiratory equipment at all times to avoid breathing in asbestos fibers, since these are known carcinogens. Should your employer fail to provide this equipment and you later on develop asbestos-related health issues, meet with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Defective Equipment

From drills and saws to large pieces of equipment such as bulldozers and cranes, using equipment that you are unaware is defective can result in severe burns, lacerations, broken bones, or even amputations. To avoid these serious injuries, always conduct a thorough inspection of any equipment prior to using it for any task, and also make sure you have been properly trained in its use.

Falling Materials

When you are working on solid ground, you may think you have little to worry about at a construction site. However, many construction workers are injured each year after being struck by materials that were dropped from rooftops, scaffolding, ladders, or other areas of a site. When this happens, head injuries such as concussions or traumatic brain injuries occur, which in severe cases can be life-changing. Therefore, always be aware of what's above you, since it could come falling down around you at any moment.

To make your day on the job at a construction site as safe as possible, make sure you are aware of these safety issues and know how you can prevent yourself from becoming the latest accident victim and statistic.

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