4 Careers for Intellectual Students with Adventurous Spirits

Sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day isn't your definition of a successful career. You want more out of life, and that includes an adventurous job. Highly intellectual people can find those exciting careers when they match their interests to current job listings. Explore these top four careers for intellectual students who want adventure in their daily lives.

Swim for a Living

Nautical archaeology may not sound like a real career, but it's a growing industry that needs dedicated people. You travel to various locations around the world where boats and other man-made items are underwater. Evaluate and explore these areas for scientific purposes. Most of the world's shipwrecks are still hidden from view so you can be a pioneer in this industry with an associated degree. Travel and adventure are inherent to this job.

Improve Sustainable-Energy Resources

If you've ever thought about becoming an engineer, working in a stuffy laboratory isn’t your idea of a satisfying career. However, today's engineers can work in the field on the latest technologies that improve the world as a whole. Work directly with solar or wind components that require precision adjustments and calculations. You'll be out in the elements as you verify the perfect location for these sustainable machines and associated components.

Fly the Skies

Consider an aviation degree as an adventurous way to make a living. Fly cargo, commercial, or private planes as you explore the blue skies. Some schools, such as the Institute of Aviation at Parkland College, know that this adventurous job takes you to almost every corner of the world. You simply need to put forth the effort during school in order to pass your tests and work with a reputable company. Charter flights may also be an option. Parachuting and other pursuits always need experienced pilots for each ride.

Photograph the World

Photojournalism may not have an adventurous tone to its name, but it's quite involved as you travel the world. Be part of history as you shoot photos of countries at war, during monumental moments and other events. With the Internet world growing larger by the day, photos and videos will always be needed. You'll require a good head on your shoulders too because photography takes an intellectual mind in order to focus and find that perfect shot.

Your first adventurous job may not be perfectly suited to your personality. Don't be afraid to admit this fact and move on. Many students go through several jobs before they settle into the right spot. With a little effort, you can find a job that truly speaks to your mind and desires.

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