4 Safety Reasons Jobs Have Dress Codes

You may resent the fact that you have to wear a uniform at work. In some cases, it may be uncomfortable to wear long pants during the summer or to wear a hat that is too small but can’t be adjusted. However, wearing a uniform may help to keep you safe while on the job.

Intruders Will Look Out of Place

If your employer didn’t have a dress code, you would have a hard time telling the difference between a colleague and a customer. While your bosses may be allowed to wear a suit or a skirt instead of the standard polo, a uniform makes it harder for those who don’t work at a given location to blend in. This could eliminate a sexual assault or other random attack on a person or the facility where you work.

You’re Less Likely to Get Clothing Stuck in a Machine

The shirt, pants or other employer-issued clothing that you wear may help to keep you from getting a hand, foot or other body part caught in a machine. Wearing a hair net or other equipment on your head could keep your hair from getting stuck in a machine. Such an accident could result in a lost limb or even the loss of your life.

Don’t Risk Slipping and Falling on the Job

Slipping and falling is one of the leading reasons why people get hurt on the job. You may be able to prevent yourself from becoming an accident victim by wearing the shoes that your employer provides. Following an employer’s dress code as it relates to footwear can be extremely important in kitchens or retail environments where floors are often wet or slippery. If you get hurt on the job especially because of a lack of a safety dress code you should seek a workers compensation attorney. You should follow your dress code and safety procedures to avoid a preventable accident.

You Won’t Be Mistaken for a Burglar

If you paint, do electrical work or otherwise perform tasks at a customer’s home, you don’t want a neighbor or anyone else to mistake you for a thief. Fortunately, your work uniform will identify you as someone who should be on the premises. Ultimately, this could prevent an unnecessary interaction with an aggressive neighbor or a police officer.

Regardless of how annoying an employer’s dress code may be, you have no choice but to comply with it or find a new job. In most cases, it is easier to simply put up with the uniform as opposed to looking for work every few weeks. Furthermore, a uniform may help to keep you safe while you work, which allows you to remain focused on your task at hand.

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