4 Trade Schools Teens Are Choosing Over College

Many teens feel pressure to go to college right out of high school. It’s “expected”. Going to college isn’t the right thing for everyone, especially a teenager just entering the adult world. For those teens who don’t want to go to college, trade schools are a viable alternative that places the student into a well-paying job within a short time. Many young adults have to drop out and find careers that will support their families. There is not one way to a career. Let’s look at four trade schools teens can excel in.


Plumbing is everywhere. It’s in every building with a bathroom or kitchen. It’s in manufacturing and industrial settings. Those who enter the plumbing trade often end up working in the residential area, fixing common plumbing issues like leaking pipes or broken water heaters. Others work as contractors, fitting pipes and plumbing fixtures to new buildings.

Trade school teaches how to read blue prints, install pipe, and how to troubleshoot common problems.


Machinists have the skill to transform raw pieces of metal into precision parts using a variety of machines such as a lathe, grinder, or milling machine coolant They need to learn machining two different ways. The first is manual machining where they use the machines directly to do the work. The second is CNC machining where they program machining tools to do the work automatically.

Trade school programs in machining teach how to use the machines and how to do CNC programming.


Mechanics work in many areas of the economy. Auto and diesel mechanics work on personal and commercial road vehicles in various sizes and shapes, ranging from tiny cars up to the largest semi haulers. Aviation mechanics work on planes and helicopters. Heavy equipment mechanics deal with upkeep and maintenance on all sorts of construction equipment.

Trade school teaches how to work on specific equipment, troubleshooting techniques, and safety requirements.


Welding joins metal or thermoplastics together. Within the industry, there are eight main techniques for welding, each requiring special training for precision and safety. A good welder can work in any number of industries from metal working to underwater piping.

Trade school offers the specialized training in different welding techniques as well as proper safety protocols.

If you have a teen, or are a teen, looking for a career path that doesn’t involve going to college, a trade school is your answer. You get specialized training that prepares you for a good job with a decent salary. It puts you in a position to make solid plans for the future.

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