4 Things Recruiters Want From Expat Healthcare Workers

Working abroad is the dream for many UK healthcare staff, with better conditions and pay on offer elsewhere in the world. But having a dream and seeing it through are two very different things. Often international healthcare services want workers who are already established in their field overseas. It’s the timeless catch 22 we see in many high profile jobs, where experience is needed from the off. So how do you prove your worth if it’s your first time working as an expat?


Whilst it may seem like your options are limited, there are one or two things you can do to increase your desirability. In a nutshell, you need to demonstrate that you can slot comfortably into your country of choice. Include at least a couple of these in your CV and you’ll be jetting out in no time.


Get Involved In Relevant Work Experience


This is particularly useful for medical graduates trying to find their first job abroad. Despite the experience coming from a different healthcare system, it can still prove beneficial if it marks you out above your peers. Foreign healthcare services are far more likely to offer you a job if you can point to specific skills and talents that will give you an edge overseas. Whether you’re looking for a nursing job in Dubai or a pharmaceutical role in Australia, the more you know about these positions the better. Find out what qualities are currently in demand in these countries and tailor your work experience towards them.


Start By Securing An Internship


Often chances to dive straight in as a registered nurse or doctor are limited. But applying for an entry level job at a hospital first can help you get your foot in the door. Whilst internships may necessitate the introduction of a second job, they can help you build the on-site experience you are seeking. Even a six month internship will give you a massive boost in your career prospects, especially if medical jobs become available in the institue you’re working in. If you’ve recently graduated from a foreign university, then find out whether they have any connections or opportunities for alumni.


Get To Grips With The Language


Even if the country you work in uses English as a second language, your ability to speak in their native tongue will prove your are adaptable and willing to learn. Being able to communicate in the official language will make it much easier for you to impress your employer. When ideas and diagnoses become lost in translation it can cause real problems for your medical team. The more you can do to avoid this situation the better.


Language learning also introduces you to a culture you might not have experienced before. For example, if you decide to get a job as a doctor in Dubai, you will probably begin learning arabic. However, language is not the only difference between The UK and The UAE. Middle Eastern culture isn’t as liberal as it is in our country and it’s a good idea to look up laws on drinking and gambling before you head over there. The more you know about a country, the easier it will be to adapt to working life there.


Demonstrate Expertise In A Particular Field


One of the best ways to get a job abroad is to work in a role that is in high demand. Highly skilled doctors and nurses, such as those in the consultancy or surgical sectors, are often extremely coveted by foreign authorities. If you are hoping to secure a well paid job overseas, then it could be worth enlisting yourself in further training. Healthcare professionals with management or leadership skills will rank much higher up the list of priorities and may even be headhunted by major firms. If you are determined to relocate to a particular country, then it can be worth investigating which positions currently have the most vacancies.



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