4 Tips For Engaging Pro Student Volunteers Using EdTech Tools

Education Technology (EdTech) tools include software and hardware that promote education. They
facilitate learning and improve the performance of students and teachers. This field is still developing,
but its potential is far-reaching.

If these tools are applied correctly, they can change the industry, streamline those time-consuming
processes, and simplify communication. The list of possibilities is limitless.

In the volunteering world, pro student volunteers can take advantage of EdTech tools to organize their
volunteering activities. They can also help them connect with students, supervisors and other tutors to
organize effectively.

1. Collaborate with students

EdTech tools can help with the collaboration among students, teachers, tutors, and peers. Google
Drive, for example, allows students to create documents on the go. They can access them and edit
those documents on a device from anywhere they are.

They can share their documents with other students and teachers. Pro student volunteers can also
work on one document at the same time if they need to co-create pieces of work.

Student volunteers can share their documents with their supervisor or submit them once they’re done
to obtain instant feedback.

2. Boost engagement

Visual materials are known to be more engaging than giving students plain explanations. Volunteer
managers can use EdTech tools to promote and attract volunteering jobs to college students. They can
integrate these tools to encourage students in building their own ideas for volunteering.

3. Facilitate learning and planning

EdTech tools can facilitate students in helping students learning while they volunteer. You can find
one particular tool that enables improved distance learning. Or another tool that manages tasks and
schedules so that pro student volunteers can easily communicate with their tutors and other students
anywhere they are.

4. Organize activities

These tools aren’t only useful for student volunteers but also leaders who organize the activities of
those students. These tools allow better communication among volunteers, and they foster teamwork.

There are social media platforms intended for students, teachers, and volunteers. With these
platforms, pro student volunteers can communicate with their teachers and managers about classroom
events and assignments.

The successful development and implementation of these tools can positively affect the aspect of
education and volunteering work. They’re effective solutions to empower students, volunteers and
volunteer managers in focusing on the task of learning.

Pro student volunteers can do more with their resources and improve their quality of education while
helping in their community.

One of the crucial parts of implementing EdTech tools is the access to high-quality broadband
connectivity. Unless you live in the best place to live as a teacher where an Internet connection is
stable and of high-quality, the teaching sector should deliver full-fibre broadband to schools that
currently have poor quality broadband.

The use of EdTech tools isn’t only for learning, but it’s also vital for volunteering as they allow
volunteers and leaders to organize the activities of students.

Regardless of the activities required, some tools can help. Because they promote better engagement,
pro student volunteers will be more interested in volunteering.

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