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The Nuiances of Gamification in Job Search

The Advantages Gamification

The following are a couple of nice examples of apps which use gamification so that you might get a feel of how it's used in practice. When you have more than that which you require, it means you will need to search longer for what it is that you are looking for, which then means less time for being productive. Let's look at some ideas which make sense. No stuff on earth will make you happy. Men and women play games…


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4 Tips For Engaging Pro Student Volunteers Using EdTech Tools

Education Technology (EdTech) tools include software and hardware that promote education. They

facilitate learning and improve the performance of students and teachers. This field is still developing,

but its potential is far-reaching.

If these tools are applied correctly, they can change the industry, streamline those time-consuming

processes, and simplify communication. The list of possibilities is limitless.

In the volunteering world, pro student volunteers can…


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3 Situations When Social Media Can Cause You Harm In Your Job Search

You lost your job or you were not hired because of your activities on social media is a phrase that is both laughable and taunting. Truth is everybody loves social media. It is a free world! It would be a stretch of the truth to say otherwise. For starters, using social media brings to mind the old saying that internet technology has reduced the world to a global village. You can become friends with anyone and from any part of the globe. Think about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, My…


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8 essential things to consider before becoming a freelance writer

        The life of a freelance writer can be a wonderful experience especially to versatile writers. You simply enjoy some freedoms; no set working hours, no dress code and no reporting to a boss. It is such a dream career particularly for talented workers who have skills in writing, coding and web design. With such skills and abilities in today’s world, the reality of becoming a freelancer worker is not farfetched. However, it is important for you to take a step back and…


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6 Steps to Start Your Singing Career


We still don’t see you on TV screens. Why? You are so talented but something is missing in the link of “how to start your singing career”. Try to keep a track of what you have done earlier and compare it with what we suggest to you now. Here you may find lots of useful information concerning your issue as well https://www.wikihow.com/Start-Your-Singing-Career

  1. 1.     Learn…

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How To Make Writing Your Career?

You can make writing your career. But the question is how you get started. If you ask professional writers,

they’ll tell you that you need to start somewhere. It can be anywhere. You can try reviewing books and submit your reviews to a local newspaper or a magazine. Better yet, you can start a blog. Although these methods won’t pay well, they can get your name in print. They can be a great step to something bigger and better. If your pieces aren’t published in a local newspaper or a…


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Top 5 Career Opportunities in Rental Business

Finding stable work in the ever-expanding rental business has become easier than ever. Although the bar is set high in every corner of the US and beyond, more and more companies are opening their doors to interns and fresh graduates who want to try their hands in the rental business.

But how can someone with no real…


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How To Start Your Tech Career?

Having a career in tech can be lucrative. A computer engineer, for example, has an average annual salary of $116,000. If you’re a software developer, you could earn at least $100,000 per year.

But most tech professionals aren't doing it for the money. That’s because they know that they have an important role with an incredible amount of…


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6 Easy Ways To Sell Your Resume, Based On Psychology

Why do we get so little feedback on our resumes? Perhaps, something’s wrong with our approach to the issue and we need help of psychology to make the difference.

In its terms, we are too shy and sell ourselves in the shortest manner. Get to know how to improve your approach to the job search.



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