4 Tips to Saving Money on Your Long Commute to Work

Unless you live close enough to work to walk, your commute is an investment of time and money. If public transit is available, it’s usually the least expensive option. It’s also better on your nerves than fighting rush hour traffic.

Not all of us have that option. When work requires you to spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel, it’s important to find ways to cut the commuting costs. Here are 4 expert tips:

Become a Better Driver

Once you’ve been out of drivers education for a decade or two or three, it’s easy to forget all of those lessons on smooth driving. Let’s face it, commuting has a tendency to get people into some bad habits, like slamming on the brakes, jamming the accelerator, and following too closely. These bad habits kill your fuel economy and increase wear and tear on your vehicle. They also increase your odds of an accident. Save money by remembering the driving basics.

Car Maintenance

Speaking of basics, car maintenance is an easy basic thing to skip. This costs you big money in the long run, as explained on the website and Then We Saved. Changing your oil and gas filter allows the engine to burn fuel efficiently. Solid tire pressure increases your gas mileage. Maintenance also wards off car repairs, some of which could cost you a whole paycheck.

Leave Early and Take Your Coffee

If you have some flexibility with your hours, try to leave for work before the worst of the traffic and get on the road home before gridlock. Less stop-and-go traffic will save your gas and your brakes. By taking your brew with you in the morning and the afternoon, if possible, you can save on those expensive lattes that get you through the drive.

Get a Preowned, Fuel-Efficient Model

Many commuters make the mistake of buying a brand new car, only to devalue it by putting on high commuting mileage. In addition, commuting is rough on a vehicle. A preowned car holds its value better when you rack up the miles. By choosing a fuel-efficient, pre owned fords for sale, you by far save the most. Many dealerships offer extensive pre-owned inventory. For example, Woody Sanderson Fordin Cincinnati offers dozens of models, both Ford vehicles, and other brands. When you get a pre-owned, fuel-efficient commuting vehicle from a reputable dealer, you know it’s in good condition.

Commuting costs time and money. Until they invent flying cars, rush hour traffic will remain a reality. The good news is that when you choose the right pre-owned vehicle, drive carefully, and take care of your vehicle, you can drastically cut commuting costs.

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