You’re probably familiar with Instagram but the question here is how well do you know Instagram and its features? Is the knowledge you have enough to guarantee success?  These are important questions that require answers. Especially since, the current trend that is followed is social network recruitment.

Instagram is the perfect app for those of you who have a flair for photography and images. You can use this app to recreate and modify your images according to your needs. Well you don’t have to stop there you can upload and share them within and outside your connections on Facebook, Twitter etc. Not only will this attract other people with similar interests but you can also create images and get people engaged as well.

If you’re looking to get noticed or are interested in creating job post’s then these, “5 Little Known Features of Instagram” just might be perfect to suite your needs and in turn boost your responses.  Here we go, did you know that you can…

View Instagram Photos Online

With this app you can view anyone’s Instagram feed online at and by logging in, you can see your homepage feed as well. If  you’re looking for a slightly more optimised viewing experience than there are several websites that have incorporated Instagram’s Application Programming Interface (API), some examples of these are Gramfeed, INK361, Print Studio and Websta Instagram Web Viewer.

Save an Image

Isn’t this amazing, you can now even save your Instagram images.  What’s interesting is that you can save two types of images on Instagram.

Save Pre-filter Images

Did you ever stumble upon an original pre-filter image that you took via Instagram but unfortunately you lost it and now you’re having a real tough time finding it? Well that doesn’t have to be the case if you know exactly how to get it back, if you haven’t turned on the “Save the Original Photos” settings. Here’s how…

  • Tap on the “three – dot” icon on the picture page
  • Choose the “Copy Share URL”
  • Paste the “URL” in to your “phone browser”
  • Save the image by “Long – pressing” on the “pic” and select the “Save Option”

Save Images from the Computer

Similarly; if you’ve encountered by chance an image that you absolutely like via the internet, then you can save it by the page source code. Here’s how…

  • On Chrome, simply “right click” on the image
  • Choose the “Inspect Element” option
  • You will see a “popup window” displaying the “code of the page” with a “highlighted section” of the “image” you “right clicked” on.
  • If you hover on the “first link” in the “highlighted section” the image will be revealed.
  • Right click the “image link”
  • Choose the “Open Link in New Tab” option
  • Save the image via the “New Tab”

Add a border to the Image

If you wish to add a border to the selected image, that too is possible with Instagram. You just need to follow these simple steps and here’s how…

  • With the app, “first choose” the “filter”
  • Tap the “filter” again to reveal a “box icon”
  • Tap to “add” a “border”

Make a Collage

Ever come across a picture collage and wondered how people did it? Well it’s pretty simple. You just need to create clippings or pieces that you can join together to form a collage and save it to you camera role and then upload them to Instagram. These are created with the help of photo – editing apps.  Once created you can add them to your mobile images folder and accordingly upload them.

Repost on Instagram Photo

Reposting an Instagram Photo requires a bit of a workaround; hence, you need to use third party apps like Repost for Instagram. The app lets you view your home stream of Instagram pictures and you can also choose which pics you wish to repost. Web apps like Websta Instagram Web Viewer and Iconosquare help you to repost, that even email you the image and add it to your Instagram manually.

There you have it, now you can create engaging images that will attract more users to your posts. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and implement them and get noticed by potential recruiters.

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