5 Reasons Why Video Interviewing Strategy Is Here To Stay

Considering today’s high attrition rate, conducting face-to-face interviews are becoming increasingly problematic and costlier at the same time. Technological advancements, especially those related to video interviewing, can provide organizations a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective process. Video interview allows job seekers and employers to connect at the inception stage of hiring process through video technology. As it’s a completely remote process, seeing and being seen are highly crucial. Video interviews empower job seekers to represent themselves in a better manner, both verbally and non-verbally. Here’re some useful video interview tips for job seekers.

  • Follow the directions.
  • Review all the available instructions meticulously. Ask for help if you face any challenges.
  • Dress in a professional manner.
  • Take care of the lighting and your surroundings.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. So, if you’ve a webcam, practice mock interviews before you actually appear for a real one.
  • Look straight to the camera instead of looking here and there.

Enables you to effectively get access to more top talent faster

In today’s competitive world where companies don’t think twice to hire top talents, video interviews can be used to attract elusive talents easily, at least for the first round of interviews. This is especially useful for you if your prospective candidates are located at geographically dispersed locations. Also, by conducting video interviews, you can minimize the time delays that may occur due to your internal scheduling conflicts. Online video interviews also empower you to conduct the first round of screening easily and shortlist prospective candidates. Compared to the time consuming office interviews, video interviews allow you to interview the candidates’ expertise along with their soft skills quickly. Compared to traditional phone screenings where you’re unable to judge a candidate’s non-verbal skills, video technology empowers you to cover all aspects of an interview round in a much better manner.

Reduces the time to hire the best candidate

Video interviews significantly reduce time to hire the best candidates because they’re independent of geographical locations. In a traditional interview, especially if your ideal candidate is located at a geographically dispersed location, s/he might not have the time to travel for a face-to-face interview whereas in a video interview, both you and the candidate can agree upon a fixed time for an online interview without compromising on quality. From an employer’s viewpoint, you can save your valuable time by avoiding screening interviews where you might have to spend a significant amount of time despite having made up your mind within the first ten minutes. Additionally, in today’s landscape where most of the companies bear to and fro travel costs for interviews, video interviews simply eliminate that part, thus bringing significant savings your way.

Provides international talent hunt with cost saving

If you want to pick your ideal candidate from a global pool of talent in a cost-effective way, you shouldn’t look beyond video interviews. Through video interviews, you can easily pick your ideal candidate from across the world and that too without any travel expense costs. Video interviewing allows you to engage with off-shore talents easily, thus fulfilling the talent requirement of your business. A traditional interview comprises of a crucial cost aspect i.e. delay in hiring process for an important vacant position, which may significantly impact your business. As video interviews enable you to overcome this delay, you can easily safeguard the interests of your business. 

Helps to build the brand of your company

According to a study conducted by Forrester, 70-90% of a consumer’s journey gets completed before engaging a vendor. It means that before appearing for a face-to-face interview, an interviewee already knows a lot about the employer. As an employer, you can leverage video interviewing facility to enhance your brand image in front of the world. Usually, video interviews are held in company meeting rooms, which can be strategically decorated with company logo, corporate photos, documents etc. All of these together would be sufficient enough to provide the prospective employee with a positive feeling, complemented by corporate branding and an environment that supports creativity and innovation amidst a friendly setting. 

Easier mode of technology to organize with team

Video interviews come equipped with recording facility which makes hiring collaboration much better and easier than ever. Staffing pros and recruiters can provide the clients with opportunities of viewing the interview recordings, which undoubtedly adds more value compared to other channels. As an employer, while seeing an interview recording of a prospective candidate, you can sit with your entire team and everyone can view and comment easily on the candidate’s expertise, thus eliminating the probability of costly misjudgments. In today’s tech-savvy world, Skype, YouTube, Face time etc have become parts of our everyday lives and webcams can be found almost everywhere like tablet, laptop, smartphone etc. Therefore, today’s candidates have also become much used to these and feel more comfortable using video technology compared to flying to a different part of the country just to attend a job interview.

Final Thoughts

Over the last few years, technology has dramatically changed our lives and has become an integral part of various activities. After reviewing the above mentioned benefits, it can be concluded that video interviewing isn’t going anywhere soon and is slated to become a standard HR practice. Some companies have already embraced this digital innovation while some others are still taking time to get familiar with it. Video interviews open up a new door to learn more about your prospective candidates in a better and faster way, which is driving its growing popularity across multiple business domains. 

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