5 reasons why your business should be using online ATS to recruit.

Application Tracking System is an online software application which is designed to recruit employees for an organization. It improves the hiring efficiency of the business. Especially for small businesses who have low Human Resources budget and would operate more effectively by saving on hiring cost.The system works wonders and here's how...

<1. The online system is accessible to applicants regardless of their geographic location. Applicants just have to go online and apply. This results in more applicants applying and there are higher chances of the employers employing the best candidate for the job. The Interface of your Application Tracking System displays a job board which gives an overview of the job openings, deadlines and descriptions. From the applicants' point of view, this system is ideal as applying for your company requires the least of efforts. As for you, your corporate webpage is attracting a swarm of eligible applicants. And the system is doing your bidding; the sorting, searching and sifting alike.
<2. With bulks and bulks of resumes arriving in, the online database provided by the Applicant Tracking System manages the applicant data, organizes it, categorizes it and shortlists according to the job criteria provided by the employers. Since this is an automated process, it is easy and fast and the system can be navigated through by anyone on your employee team. One does not need technical skills to work around the system.
<3.Communication is key. Most application tracking systems have unique email services integrated in them. The employees can stay in constant touch with the applicants through this and do not have to use another email service to communicate. Not only that, the whole employee team (your colleagues) can communicate on this system. Just like any chat service.
<4.Monetary Costs are always a major issue. Why employ a recruiting manager and HR staff to carry out the employment process when an application tracking system does all the work with a fixed fee. In this time of recession, most companies, especially small businesses are looking to cutting down various costs. The saved hiring costs can easily be invested in a more productive part of the business. However, It is important to see that it is the 'people' who run any business. If you are not employing the best, you are not optimizing your business' potential at all.
<5.The importance of time has always been highly underestimated- always pushed to the background. Where most businesses today are going global through the internet, it is evident that going online saves innumerous ticks of the clock which could be spent somewhere else. The application tracking system gives value to time and makes recruiting fast and easy.

Simplicant is an application tracking system which like its name implies a 'simple' application tracking system which fulfills all the reasons why this software application ought to be bought. The career site in this system gives an instant picture of what the company is about and what they are looking for. The best part about having a resume database is that it is saved for further reference or any other job opportunity which may become available in the future. A company can choose the candidates which were rejected due to requirement limitations.

For more information on application tracking system, visit Simplicant

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