5 Reasons You’re Not Hired Yet

Looking for a new job or a career change is exciting but certainly challenging in these economic times. Many applicants submit their resumes to a variety of positions and never hear from any of the companies. This can be dispiriting, but don’t let it get to you. Here are five common reasons you are not getting interviews and job offers:

1.       Your resume is unprofessional. Printing a resume on pink, scented paper is only cute in Legally Blonde. As a person in the business world, you are expected to take the initiative to learn how to create a proper resume. What should you add or not include? How should you format the education section? Take advantage of the Internet to find helpful hints and tutorials for writing a clean and professional resume.

2.       You didn’t seem interested. If you have landed many job interviews but are not hired, it may be because you give the recruiters the impression that you do not care. Pay attention during the interview, ask brilliant questions to learn more, and send follow-up notes to thank potential employers. These small gestures will make you stand out from the crowd and show your sincere interest in the job.

3.       You were not prepared. Whether it’s a phone interview or an interview in person, you must be ready for anything. Many recruiters from different companies ask the same questions – “What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you think you are a good fit for our company?” Have intelligent answers prepared for these questions. You should not memorize and regurgitate an answer, but at least know your strengths and weaknesses. Doing your research about a company before your interview can really pay off. Mention a unique feature of the business or job to show the recruiter that you did your homework.

4.       You weren’t qualified. If you apply for dozens of jobs but are not getting interviews, reconsider your approach. Are you a recent graduate applying for a management position? Sometimes you fit the bill perfectly, but you should generally apply for jobs that are within your realm of experience. With that being said, don’t limit yourself, either. If you have a degree and work experience in a particular field, highlight them in job interviews. You may be qualified to lead a team or supervise a small department. It doesn’t hurt to try, but do not make upper-level position applications your main focus if you are not qualified.

5.       You were not a good fit. An important aspect of job interviews is the company culture piece. What are the values and vision of the business? Your moral code and the ways you work may or may not match those of a particular company. A business that prides itself on being “green” will probably not hire someone who hates to recycle. Learn about the company before an interview so you know the type of people who thrive in that work environment.

If you are becoming discouraged in your job search, think about these five reasons why you are not hired. By making a simple change, you will have recruiters banging your door down with job interviews and offers. Good luck!


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