Interview Questions – 6 Questions to ASK during an Interview

As a job seeker you must understand the importance of asking questions during an interview. During that point in the interview when you are asked, “Do you have any questions for me”, it’s imperative that you respond with a “yes”, and proceed with asking your questions. It will show that you are interested in the position and want to know more detail about the position than what the job description provided. Also remember that an interview is a two way street – you want to make sure that the position is a good fit for you as well!

1. Could you describe a typical day in this position? This question will clear up any misconceptions you have about the position. If you are someone who enjoys an interactive working environment, you will want to know whether the position keeps you chained to your cube all day, with all communication occurring via email, or involves a steady stream of face-to-face meetings, client contact, and a constantly ringing telephone.

2. Is this a new position or a replacement? New positions imply growth. Any company growing now may well be one you want to work for. A new position may also give you more input into your job description and duties. On the other hand, you could also find out that the position is available because the last three people who held the position quit or got fired, which should give you a pause.

3. How would my performance be measured in this position? How is the department’s performance measured? Particularly if the salary is not exactly what you desire, the performance will indicate how the company handles bonuses and raises. The answer to this question will tell you what is expected of you, as well as how much responsibility you have over the rest of the department and how departmental performance is tied to your individual performance.

4. When do you expect to make a final decision and fill the position? Use this question to convey your strong interest in the job. It may also make you seem a more attractive candidate, brand yourself for the offered job profile, especially if you mention that you are only trying to pin down a date so you can know how to handle any other job offers you have pending or may receive.

5. What would you consider the top three priorities of the person that fills this position? This question will help you to understand where your focus needs to be if you are offered the position and which of your skills you need to put to use right away in order to be successful. It will also give you the opportunity to share about when you’ve had to fulfil those duties in other positions.

6. There is also one last question you SHOULD ALWAYS ASK at the end – Can you share any feedback with me about my skillset/experiences and how it fits this position? You will be able to get an immediate response and idea to what they thought about you for the position.


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