5 things to cover when interviewing a social media candidate

Thinking of employing an in-house social media assistant for your business?

With social media becoming an ever growing source of lead generation for businesses, many companies now have their own in-house social media mangers. The social media content produced in-house is often of a higher quality and more personal than posts produced by an outsourced agency. The employee will grow to know your business and share this with your customers.

With all that said you want to find a reliable and knowledgeable candidate to help your business succeed through the digital world of social media.

Here are five things to cover when interviewing candidates for your social media manager role.

What would be your goals when taking on a new social media account? 

Asking this question you’re prompting the candidate to share on their past experiences with other social media accounts they have managed.

You also want to know some social media numbers. How many new page likes do they think they will achieve? What do they think is a good reach rate for a post?

If a candidate answers with a structured plan in mind and reasonable targets then you immediately know they understand social media is more than just posting content and getting a few likes.

What type of social media advertising do you use and how?

This is an important question to ask for a number of reasons. You want to find out what their recommended monthly budget would be. Mainly because if your good with social media advertising then you shouldn’t need much of a budget.

This question also allows you to find out what social media platforms adverting they have used as many of them are very different. For example if they we’re advertising on LinkedIn they would know there is a minimum budget for LinkedIn promotions whereas on Facebook they should know you choose a campaign objective that needs to be approved by Facebook.

How do you monitor your platform success and how often?

You’ll want to know how they will develop their role further and monitor their own work.

After being in the new job for a few months you would want the candidate to do some analysis on the business social media account and see how well their campaigns have been received.

It’s useful to know if they use current reporting social media tools especially as this could be an extra monthly cost you wouldn’t have previously thought about.

When writing social media content for your business where would you source the content from and what type of content do you think would interest our audience?

Now we want to know how their skills can benefit your business.

Where will they source the content is always a good thing to ask, as you want to be sharing reliable and interesting content that will also benefit your websites SEO. It also a good idea to get them to list a few place they would share content from as you don’t want to go against any copywriting laws.

Do they have an idea of your target audience? We’re not asking the candidate know the ins and outs of your company but having a basic knowledge of your company‘s target audience show enthusiasm for your business.

What questions do you have about our current social media channels?

Has the candidate done their research?

Finally, has the candidate looked at your social media accounts recently? What would they have done differently or what drew their attention to your brand?

It’s a good idea not to let on to the candidate what social media channels you have implemented as ideally they might even recommend a social media platform that you haven’t heard of or thought about using.

If you’re ever stuck for a final question we would recommend this; what do they think is in store for the future of social media?

All is left to say is good luck!

Also don’t forget your new candidates first social media post should be about them joining the company! 

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