5 Tips to Beginning HR Managers: How to Discipline Employees

HR managers have tons of responsibilities: they look for candidates for different jobs, they interview people, theyorganize events, meetings and conferences and so on. Apart from that, they need to make sure that all the other employees are well organized and disciplined. When a company has good HR managers, you can definitely see that in the whole office work: employees are seldom late for work, there are no numerous half-hour coffee breaks, all workers are motivated to do their job in the best ways, etc. Here are five tips that such talented managers share.

Don’t expect your workers to be effective with no motivation

Every person needs a push. Of course, there are some driven people who are passionate about their work and need no additional motivation. Most of the people do, though. And the form of this motivation can be different. Sometimes even seeing a fresh bowl of fruits in a shared kitchen can improve a worker’s mood and make them more productive for the next day. People are most motivated with money, though. Different bonuses can make them work much harder than without them.

Teambuilding is important

Specialists say that if a person works among people he/she knows and feels comfortable around, this person’s productivity is much higher. Arrange different teambuilding meetings once in a while so that people can get to know each other better in an informal atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be anything big; a simple picnic can make people much friendlier to each other.

Don’t be their best friend

Sure, HR managers have to be friendly, open and helpful. However, many of them make a mistake of being too friendly so that everyone thinks of them as friends. No, it is not the right working atmosphere. Surely, they can come to you with their problems and ask for advice, but they cannot ask you for a day off just because you are in a friendly relationship. Hierarchy should work here for sure.

Boundaries and strict discipline

If there are no strict rules in an office, people can feel too relaxed to be as effective as they can be. You need to have clear boundaries and clear rules. For example, you need to have a fixed lunch hour, no dating policy, fines for being late all the time, punishment for not completing a monthly working plan, etc. With no rules and limits, people will not do their best.

Monitor their working activity

You as a HR manager should know what employees do in their work places. You need to know if someone spends half a day checking their social profiles or playing games. Good managers always have ways to monitor all that. Some put cameras all over the office, some check browser history and some monitor and block distracting websites with the help of different software. You can choose your own way, but you definitely need to do it somehow.

So, these are some basic tips on how to discipline your office workers. Of course, every HR manager has different methods and technics of creating the proper work atmosphere, but these are definitely the good tips to try.

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