5 Ways Pregnancy Will Impact Your Career

There is nothing better than being a mother. Whether it was a planned or unplanned pregnancy doesn’t matter. The thrill of giving life to another human being is awe-inspiring. To the woman who has a career outside the home, things are about to take a drastic change. Your body will make demands on you that you never imagined. Still, you have a right to have the job of your choice and a family all at once. Here are five ways that your career will change during your pregnancy. 

1. You Will Be Required To Take Time Off

Even if you have a stellar attendance record, it won’t matter when you are pregnant. You will need to take off for doctor’s appointments, sick days, and maternity leave. Your body will dictate to you that you need more rest, especially when it is growing a baby inside. 

2. There Are Days When You Won’t Feel Good

Even if you do come to work, you may battle morning sickness, headaches, and general fatigue. While you can still do your job, there are days when you may need to count on other team players to help. If it is an unplanned pregnancy, you may find yourself with little sick time and no days to compensate your time off. 

3. Your Team May Have To Pick Up Your Slack

Having a great team to stand beside you during this time is vital. If you have friends in the workplace, many of them will pitch in when you need it. You must make sure that you work as hard as you can, pregnant or not. You will need to go in for prenatal visits and such, but that doesn’t mean you have to take off the whole day. Try to schedule appointments around lunch and at the end of your shift. 

4. Some People May View You Differently

Some people view a pregnant woman as different. If you are a corporate big shot, they may view you as putting your family before your career. You can have a great job and be pregnant. The law protects women who have planned or unplanned pregnancy issues in the workplace. You just need to make sure you give no one anything to talk about. 

5. Your Child Is Now Your Top Priority

You will need to make some adjustments. A child takes top priority over a job and almost everything else. If they are sick, then you need to be with them. Having dependable daycare arrangements will help you to continue to work and not miss over every toothache or upset stomach. 

Having a child is unlike anything else a woman goes through in life. However, you must make some adjustments to ensure that your career doesn't suffer because of your unplanned pregnancy. 

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