5 Ways to Impress Your Boss on Day One

After you have had your share of buttered pancakes and coffee hits in the breakfast of first job day, the feeling of accomplishment at getting the job, it is replaced by a sense of dread. What must I do to make a good impression? How can I make my boss like me? How should I approach my colleagues? How would I deal with a work problem? These are all valid concerns that bug many entry-level or freshly hired candidates. They say first impressions die hard. The adage rings true in the work environment as well. To find out how to make a good first impression on your job, read on.

1. Bag an Early Win

Once you are introduced to the workplace by the employer, consider having a conversation to build momentum at the earliest possible moment. It will help the employer see you in a positive and fruitful light. Additionally, it will provide an impetus for your positive reputation among the company members as well.

2. Forge Friendships

Forging friendships in the workplace doesn’t necessarily equate to video game buddies. Instead, it means that one should get out of their comfort zones to meet their colleagues. It helps you navigate the work environment a bit better. Consider asking your colleagues questions about the workplace and why they are excited about this particular job.

3. Arrive Early

Your employer most probably hired for your go-getter and enthusiastic attitude. Continue your first day of work with the same vigour and vibe. Your willingness and eagerness to learn will surely make you the best at the game in no time. Coming early or on time indicates a strong work ethic. The employer is undoubtedly going to see the candidate in a positive light for their consistency in prioritising work over anything else.

4. Be Relaxed and Cheerful

Your employer and colleagues will not miss a nervous, cold and worrisome attitude. It is essential to have an upbeat and cheerful disposition when present in the work environment. Usually, candidates get anxious about making mistakes on their first day. The truth is that you are still a novice, so there is no harm in making mistakes on day one. The point to remember is that if you are going to spend some time here, then give yourself time to improve, grow and make mistakes. Things will get better eventually. Lastly, don’t forget to smile.

5. Watch and Observe

On your first day, survey the culture of your work environment closely. In some corporate environments, there are specific ways in which the decision-making process is done. Make sure to observe with a hawk-like sense the particular mindset of your work environment. The more you observe, the more experienced you will become in dealing with similar situations.

The bottom line of the above article is that a candidate must amplify those characteristics for which they were hired for the job. A willingness to learn, a solid work-ethic and a well-adjusted personality seem like good gems to follow.

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