From the Washington-Dulles airport, I posted THIS a couple of days ago about Dan Pink's latest book: The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need.

As soon as I finished the post, I boarded the plan and had an itch to make a few notes, but my laptop was out of juice and I didn't have a piece of paper (or even a napkin) to write on.

Rummaging through the area where AA stows the magazines, I found just what I needed: an airsick bag.

Too cool. What else could be more appropriate?!

So, yeah, this is a picture of my airsick bag (empty of course) and covered front to back with my notes (I wonder if Dan Pink would sign it for me? Hey Dan, it's really empty, I promise).

Pink opens with a dejected Bunko @ his cube, uttering the same words repeated by all of us at some point in our careers:

"What am I doing here? I'm bored...I'm uninspired...I feel like I'm wasting my life...There's got to be a better way."

Unfortunately, and unlike Bunko, I've never owned a set of magic chopsticks. I'm supposing you haven't either. And so, left to our own devices, we endured the "sickness."

Here's what Bunko was screaming out from the dregs of his monotonous cube-life:

"My Jobs Makes Me Sick!"

Mostly, Bunko's sick because he's following the path encouraged by his family (otherwise known as, The Plan). And now, he's in a career that's been crafted and shaped more by his head than his heart. Ever been there? Me too.

So I'm thinkin' it's not just an issue facing Gen Y. Then again, I could be the only Gen X weirdo from the early 1960's who's not happy unless I'm pursuing something that draws out my passion.

How about you? Anybody out there relate to Johnny Bunko?

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Comment by Talent Drive on May 15, 2008 at 5:32pm
Today a couple of us at the office were pondering over the idea, if we were able to go back in time with everything we know now, where would we go. A majority said freshman year of college and then followed up with a different major. We all feel your pain.


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