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Tips for Resume building.

You are probably already flooded with innumerable tips on how to build an effective resume. However, the following points should provide a practical and at the same time, a time tested approach to resume building.

Simple - KEEP IT SIMPLE, remember language should be used to express not to impress. Highlight your important achievements and strengths subtly. Please remember resume should emphasize your ability underlining responsibility.

Customize - CUSTOMIZE THE RESUME according to the job you have applied for. Flowery language and fresh ideas are appreciated in the creative professions only.

Precise - Your resume must present your information quickly, coherently, and in a way that makes your experience relevant to the position in question which means condensing your information down to its most powerful form. Resolve this problem by creating bulleted, highlighted and influential statements.

Positive Points - Do not hesitate to sell your POSITIVE POINTS. This is one area where you can do without modesty.

Covering Letter - COVER LETTERS ARE ALWAYS TO BE CUSTOMIZED according to the job you are applying for. What could help a great deal would be to find out about the organization and then word yourself according to their requirements.

Editing Information – Edit your history to fit the position you are seeking. If some information is not beneficial, drop it. Make more space to elaborate on the experiences most relevant to the job you are applying. If some jobs make you overqualified for a position, erase those positions from your resume. If you are over qualified don’t specify the degree that makes you so. If you are considerably undereducated, there’s no need to mention education at all. Highlight your most relevant positions. Make sure that there are no gaps in the years of your employment.

Addressing - A big difference can be created by ADDRESSING THE LETTER TO THE CONCERNED AUTHORITY by name instead of Dear Sir / Madam. In some countries it might be offensive. Put yourself in his/her place and think how you would react to this.

Spell and Grammar Check - PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE SPELLING AND GRAMMAR. Nothing can be more harmful to your image than incorrect language. Take the help of your friends who excel in language.

Use these pointers and you will see that your resume looks more professional and definitely catches attention.

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