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Work -


God created Man to Work

Work is Man’s Greatest Duty

Man is nothing

-IF avoids WORKING -

HE can do nothing

Achieve Nothing Fulfill nothing without Working

Work is Man’s Most Dependable Function

If You are poor – Work

If You are rich – Work

You have been burdened with unfair Responsibilities –Work

You have been entrusted with Deserving Responsibilities –Work

You have been paid Low –Work

You have been paid…

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Zen Stories -


There were two priests travelling together. One was old and the other young. On the way, they came across a shallow river. A young ravishingly beautiful lady was sitting by the side, waiting for help to cross the river. The old priest without hesitation lifted her up in his arms and carried her over the river. Seeing this, the young priest was much agitated. Once on the other side, he rebuked the elder, questioning his morals, values, etc. This went on frequently, every… Continue

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One week before the GD, you must go through the current news/topics which is very helpful to pick up the right thought.

First of all make the right views related to the topic and keep it in mind for right approach.

Even if starting the discussion bring you the notice of the examiner, it can be a plus point for you if you don't start the discussion first because this gives you the sufficient time to pickup the…

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Answer This - Flourish web solutions

Answer This

This was an important question asked during an interview session by a certain company. The management actually decided to employ the person who answered this question most appropriately. There was of course no right or wrong answer to this question but it all depends on how each individual answers it. Read the question below & think of how you would answer it before you scroll down to see the ‘best’ answer given by this particular person, who of course got…

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what is thinking?

what is thinking?

Thinking is not just a process of linking words together to impress fools.
But a process of diving deep into the ocean of conciousness
In search of gems of truth to enlighten the sinking souls


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Tonic for Mind

Tonic for Mind

One who thinks He is going to die
Is better than the one who thinks
That he is going to live.
For the first will struggle to change, but the other by chance may change.

Body is a tool to keep the mind cool
Never to be used like a bull to destroy peace and
happiness of those who work under its rule

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Be Fearless

Be Fearless

Fear is only a thunder cloud
Making an empty sound
The force of wind
Moves it round and round
And frightens only those
Who are not sound.

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Remedy for Fear

Remedy for Fear

Fear of death makes one forget the joys of life.
Be cheerful you are the children of immortal bliss.
Death is only for the body it is not for you.

Man is mortal so long as he is conscious of the body.
Transcend the idea of body, becomes immortal he at once.


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what is depression?

what is depression?

Depression is not a disease
But it only a fallen wave
In the ocean of conciousness
Only to rise again with great
Force to lift us up and up
Till we reach the shore safely.


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Snacks for mind

Snacks for mind

It is better to sleep than to slip
For the one gives you rest, the other fall from the best.

Don’t be in a hurry, but postpone indefinitely
Your wrong motive, selfish desires and immoral activities
That is the only way to escape from the fury of worry.

Mahesh G

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Who is great?

Who is great?

He is not great, who is proud of his wealth

But he is great who says it is God’s wealth.

He is not great who says “ I am the owner”

But he is great who says, “ I am a trustee”

He is not great who is proud of his knowledge

But he is great who feels that he is ignorant

He isnot great who is proud of his strength

But he is great who protects weak, innocent.

God is the doer and you are his…

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Power Your Mind -

As your thoughts, so your mind.
So good thoughts, power your mind.

The depth of an ocean is measured by fathoms
The depth of the mind is measured by thoughts

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The advancement of the Indian BPO sector has given rise to yet another movement in the global outsourcing scenario viz., Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO. The exploits in outsourcing business process operations to India has boosted up many firms to start outsourcing their high-end knowledge work as well. Low costs powered with operational efficiencies, access to a highly talented manpower and superior work quality are all fundamental expectations in offshoring high-end processes to… Continue

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Salary Negotiation Tips - JOBSABODE.COM

1. Show your experience and know-how Put your past experiences on the table and let the employer see exactly why you're fit for the position. Hands-on experience is a very efficient salary-negotiating tool.

2. Put numbers where your mouth is Flashing your past job titles isn't enough; you must also demonstrate exact figures of what you've accomplished. Show your employers that you've increased department sales by 20% and doubled your productivity in 6 months.

3. Don't ask about salary… Continue

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Interview Tips- JOBSABODE.COM

Interview makes every one’s palms sweat and head itch but you certainly don’t want the stress to overwhelm you. We guide you to ride and win the race in a smoother and efficient way. Our step by step approach will be a guiding hand for everyone irrespective of their qualification and experience.

Dress suitably – Be sure in wearing a comfortable, clean and formal outfit.

Memorise your Resume – Make sure you remember every item of your resume, try to have paragraph’s worth… Continue

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Tips for Resume building. - JOBSABODE.COM

Tips for Resume building.

You are probably already flooded with innumerable tips on how to build an effective resume. However, the following points should provide a practical and at the same time, a time tested approach to resume building.

Simple - KEEP IT SIMPLE, remember language should be used to express not to impress. Highlight your important achievements and strengths subtly. Please remember resume should emphasize your ability underlining… Continue

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