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You have a blank check AND infinite influence. What are the two changes in your recruiting world you would most like to see occur. And, if these two changes did occur, you would see them have a positive influence on:

> how you contribute value to your company
> the hiring process experience for both job seekers and recruiters
> your overall career

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Comment by Tina on June 3, 2008 at 3:22pm
How to develop new business....With cold calling keep gettting voicemails all the time. How t

Any ideas greatly appreciated

You can reach me at tinas@globalforce-us.com
Comment by Susan Burns on June 3, 2008 at 6:09pm
Hi Tina - sorry we couldn't get to your question today. I'll write to you directly at your email address.
Comment by Susan Burns on June 3, 2008 at 6:15pm
Jeff Hunter from Electronic Arts couldn't join the chat today but shared some thoughts via email. I wholeheartedly agree with Jeff and I wonder if time/money were truly no issue how much we would be able to invest in "community" and build a more skilled and sustainable workforce. The irony is that if we could - in the end, as Jeff states, we would have a more cost effective recruiting process. Here's Jeff's comment:

Given those conditions, I would take my unlimited funds and power to develop an entire new way to recruit. I’d innovate on the job description (no more experience and education), I’d innovate on the resume (the brand talent concept I’ve talked about), I’d innovate on the methods for determining fit to specification (gaming and community technology), I’d use that new infrastructure to source in places where my competitors weren’t looking, and then I spend a shitload of that unlimited money pool going to the inner cities and backwoods farms and telling them that I was looking for them. I’d recruit in Junior High School and High School. I’d change the way that talent is integrated into companies and managed, and the way that work product is developed and consumed.

The result? My recruiting costs would be lower, my company’s operating cost would be lower (since I wouldn’t have to pay a kid from the inner city what I have to pay some guy from Harvard), I would have better brand recognition in developing markets and overall I could kick my competitor’s ass. This would then translate into press that would start to reinforce to parents: giving up your child’s gifts in order to ensure their future is a bad bargain. There is a better way.

Because until we do that, the rich will keep getting richer, the poor will keep getting poorer and the big problems we are all facing will just keep getting bigger.
Comment by Susan Burns on June 3, 2008 at 7:18pm
Great quote shared on today's Talent Talk Cafe from Brian. Coors measures recruiting effectiveness through cases of beer to tie value contribution/results to the business.

“It’s not just about being recruiters, it’s about being implementers of the business and
workforce strategy. Ultimately it’s not just about costs and time-to-fill, it’s more about are we
really getting the talent this company needs for the next five years.”

Director of Staffing
Coors Brewing Company


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