Have you ever wondered what you would do if you identified a passion outside of your current career? Dave Williams did and the result is, well, quite outstanding! If you haven't come across Dave previously let me tell you a bit about him. Dave was Senior Director for the Corporate Executive Board and led the Recruiting Roundtable for part of his eleven plus year tenure. At the time I was with a company that wasn't a member but did have the opportunity for a couple of really good conversations with Dave. I also had the chance to attend one of the events, which was quite impressive. It was also a strange time in the world because the event was in NYC on the eve of the Iraq War and it was raining like crazy. Needless to say a memorable event across many accounts.

I recently reconnected with Dave - thanks to LinkedIn, and then through a mutual Twitter friend, Brian De Groodt, learned of his recent endeavor. Dave has published a science fiction novel - The Mirrored Heavens. And, if that weren't enough check out the book's website - Autumn Rain 2110. There's even a trailer for the book! It was then that I realized I had to share this with others in the recruiting space to celebrate Dave's accomplishments and cheer him on to great success.

During a recent email exchange, I asked Dave what his transition was like and if he would share something for this post. Here's Dave's response:

"The toughest thing about walking away from Recruiting Roundtable was how suddenly my new life started up. I'd been working on a science fiction/espionage trilogy for years, and gave notice at CEB because I felt that I'd finally reached the point where I had so many additional writing projects that I needed to concentrate on them full-time. But literally two weeks before I left the Roundtable, my agent sold the trilogy to Bantam Spectra, and that meant I had to turn to the second and third books immediately; they've been my focus since. My last Roundtable meeting was almost a year ago: June 7, 2007, and it's very surreal to look back on how quickly time's flown since then--and how much happened before that point. If you were one of the hundreds of folks who joined me at Roundtable meetings between 2001-2007, then please know it was an honor. (And please buy several copies of the book!:)"

So, check out the website, watch the trailer, and order the book! I'm not even a big scifi fanatic but have been so enticed by Dave's work my book is on order now!

Cheers Dave!!

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Comment by Brian on June 6, 2008 at 12:27am
As an early witness to this special transformation, I have to say it's truly unique and has been a pleasure to be a part of. It's not often we get to see an individual find what they are truly passionate about and, against oftentimes unfathomable odds, see a dream become reality. I highly recommend you take a minute and check out The Mirrored Heavens. (Surfing to www.autumnrain2110.com would be a good start.)

As a person that reads 99.9% nonfiction I found this book to be an incredibly fast-paced and compelling story about the not-so-far future with scary connections to the current geopolitical climate in which we currently live. Certainly a worthy diversion from the 9-5 recruiting world we find ourselves focused on. Dare I say a summer "must read."

My best to Dave as well. Cheers indeed.


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