I recently participated in an annual conference where the usual suspects attended. What became apparent early on was the lack of enthusiasm from both the members and the business partners. Granted, this is an event where you see the very same people each year and the very same format for the conference is followed. Sure, people signed up to be there … but they didn’t “show up.” They simply were not attentive. Unfortunately, some were not even dressed appropriately. And others didn’t seem to care to learn best practices from others or share ideas. While I provide feedback often, as do others, nothing seems to change. So is it really a surprise that this particular conference continues to disappoint?

Take this lesson and apply it … to how you recruit and attract candidates to your company; to your interviewing skills and your ability to sell a candidate on why your company is the best choice; to the successful integration of a new hire into your company culture; to your commitment to your company’s employer brand. Apply it to your focus to retain your top talent.

Successful retention is best achieved by a proactive HR department that actively seeks out what employees want most…

The operative word above, as stated by Staffing.org, is proactive. It’s time that we take responsibility rather than looking for causes in outside circumstances to stand in our way. You will find that success comes when you show up. Certainly you can attend an event, interview a candidate, say you are committed to your employer … but are you really showing up to contribute?

….how you respond to this environment will determine either the demise or destiny of your organization.

I am a big fan of Tim Richardson. The point he makes above is telling. We own our actions. In tying this back to the conference, I see that we all owned our actions. Unfortunately, they weren’t the right ones. If we know that the same folks attend each year and the same format will be followed, then it is up to us to respond differently to that environment. Shake it up a bit. Show up!

Are you willing to change your outlook and, in the process, open up a new realm of possibility? If you are, be prepared for overwhelming success within your HR organization. And thank you for showing up today.


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