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Are You Listening To Your Exiting Workforce?

I am always intrigued to learn why organizations aren't adopting and embracing the power of analytics. Even more interesting is the amount of companies that are not capturing critical data from their employee population. Why is that? Don't have the time? Don't have the resources? Don't have the funding? Don't care?

As important as capturing the many voices within your organization is…


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Recruit Through Blogging

Six months ago, we discussed the utilization of company blogs for recruiting. What surprises me is the hesitance that some organizations still have to jump on the band wagon. Those slow to adapt certainly bring up valid

points, such as the potential negative impact, employee selection,

and/or maintaining some sense of control. However, isn't the whole

point to allow freedom of speech? To gain true…


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New Year's Resolutions

We all set them. And most of the time, fail miserably. That's because we focus on the grandiose versus aiming for the realistic. When you think about what 2008 will bring for your organization, you must

keep in mind what is reasonably obtainable, and at the same time,

challenging. Now is the time to develop a solid business plan. As a

Recruiter or HR Executive, are you setting yourself up to succeed or

fail? Are your objectives designed to meet the business and HR…


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Allowing Metrics to Drive Your HR Function

The Hudson Employment IndexSM fell 8.9 points in November to a record low of 91.9. What triggered the decline? Growing concerns about hiring and signs of personal financial

strain. One year ago, the Index registered 13 points above the current reading at 105.3. Another history maker of the Hudson Employment Index

- the fewest workers expect job growth. The number of workers



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2008 - Are You Prepared?

Here at Hodes, we are exposed to numbers on a daily basis. Some are staggering. However, the reality is most companies are not as prepared as they think are. Especially with 2008

around the corner. So, how should you prepare?

First, take a look at your inner workings - business drivers, HR

drivers, challenges and employee population. Second, measure…


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Women Bring It

Women are powerful. But did you know just how much? A couple of weeks ago, I found data to prove the point. A recent study conducted over a four-year span of Fortune 500 companies found that those companies with the highest percentage of women on their boards

saw equity returns 53% higher than those companies with the fewest

number of women on boards.…


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Rock Stars

We read, create and participate in research pertaining to attracting and retaining top talent all the time. Research that clearly illustrates why employees stay and why they

leave. Just last week I stumbled upon an article by Kris Dunn

confirming the fact the employees don't leave for more money. Employees

stay for the people and connections they have made, the challenges…


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The Candidate Experience

We discuss "the candidate experience" daily. I would even venture to say approximately every other minute. That's because it is a part of every consideration here. It justifies our strategies and therefore, our clients' actions. After all, a company is defined by their talent. Interestingly enough, I came

across a great post recently on making good first…


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Retention with a capital R

This is a topic you will read, hear or even write about over the next several years. Why? Because retention is the key to our future. And our future will not shine bright if we cannot keep our people -

bottom line. I recently had the opportunity to hear Ed Barlow

speak on the future ... exploring the rapid and dramatic economic,

technological, social, and political changes that lie ahead. His

audience (CEOs, CFOs, CAOs and…


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Employer Brand Index (EBI)

The Hodes QTrac Employer Brand Index (EBI) is the first index to measure the most critical factors impacting the employer brand. The QTrac EBI is a view

into the employer brand through the most critical lens, the employees’

brand experience.

Combining the voices of over 10,000 new hires from Fortune 500 companies spanning across multiple industries, The QTrac EBI provides benchmarks, trend analysis, and insights enabling…


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Four Part Webinar Series on Best Practices

Can your employer brand really affect your cost of doing business? Yes. Interested in learning best practices around the most critical issues facing HR: source of hire, recruiting process, employer brand

and retention?

Join us in this four part Webinar series to learn best practices that companies like Bank of America, Dick’s Sporting Goods, IHOP, Lowe’s, Methodist Healthcare, WellStar and

others are doing…


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Where's the Science in HR?

Yesterday, I read an article from Workforce Management on the correlation, or lack there of, between HR and the popular television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation around failures and successes within various organizations. All this talk of forensic science reminded me of a speaking engagement I attended with Jim Stroud last year on Resume Forensics. The audience was quite taken aback with Jim's insight…


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Managing Change

Change happens. We might not be able to control it. However, we can certainly control how we respond to it. In dealing with organizational change, it’s important for company

leaders to have a clear understanding of what change management is in order to successfully implement it.

Managing change refers to making changes in a planned or systematic fashion. It involves supporting…


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Company Blogs For Recruiting

Just yesterday, I was having lunch with an acquaintance of mine discussing various recruitment strategies by incorporating the voice of the customer or voice of the employee in this case. No doubt company blogs came up. Why? Because they build relationships and engage ongoing, multi-faceted conversations. And while some companies are leery of

allowing their employees to speak freely about their work…


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Combining Your Networkingworth

Is Facebook taking over LinkedIn? Or more importantly, should it? I recently read a blog questioning the likelihood of Facebook taking over LinkedIn. It’s interesting, once you consider the facts. As of July 10th, Facebook announced that it hit 30 million active users, and by definition that means people who log in…


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What Are People Saying About Your Company?

We talk about employer branding a lot. And for good reason. It is, and should always be, top of mind. Something worthwhile considering is a competitive view of your consumer brand versus your employer brand.

What matters most in brand marketing always has been, is now and always will be, the relationship between a brand and its consumers. And the key to the brand relationship - as it is in…


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Fit For The Job?

As a recruiter, you know it’s not just about quality. Yes, your job is to find and hire the most qualified candidates - but also to ensure a fit for both the job specifications and the culture of your

organization. Once you hire top talent, how do you keep them

challenged? I met with a large corporation a week ago where this exact

point came up. One of the biggest issues they face after hire is

keeping employees engaged and challenged by the work that needs to…


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If You Sign Up, Show Up

I recently participated in an annual conference where the usual suspects attended. What became apparent early on was the lack of enthusiasm from both the members and the business partners. Granted,

this is an event where you see the very same people each year and the

very same format for the conference is followed. Sure, people signed up

to be there … but they didn’t “show up.” They simply were not

attentive. Unfortunately, some were not even dressed appropriately.…


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