Teaching your client companies how to conduct a search

This isn’t about teaching your clients to do your job, because as we know few have the inclination to spend the amount of time, effort and money required in hiring, training, and managing the team of people to do the job. So understand that this is about helping your companies understand what we’ve been teaching our candidates since the 2001 downturn in the IT market, and that is how to conduct a job search.

We’ve all had candidates that were unemployed and they all want the same (job, $ & location) or better than their last, and only after time passes do their search criteria broaden (the concentric circle theory at work). Well we, as I’m sure many of you have, showed our candidates that it is far better for them to establish the outer edges of the target (all relocation destinations, 3+ different roles that they would accept, and the very broad range of salary for each) and then engage every position in that target at the same time. As you can imagine this strategy gets them the best job available and does it quickly (before they get desperate and take any job just to have a paycheck).

So with the candidate driven market that we’re in now our clients are in the very same position as the unemployed worker, and they need to view the market in the same way. So instead of requiring hard and fast skills, experience and background, help them understand the need to be more flexible in viewing candidate’s skills and know that this technique will help them to fill their jobs with high quality talent and in a more timely fashion.

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