Employer Videos... Thoughts & Experience?

One of the job titles that my team has had the pleasure of filling over the last year is the Premises Technician at AT&T. These men and women are responsible for the installation and customer care of the AT&T U-verse product. If you haven't had the pleasure of U-verse yet, you don't know what you're missing - and I'm not just saying that because of those paychecks that are thrown my way.

One of the reasons we've enjoyed recruiting for the installation and support of this product is because we truly love it. I've had the service for months now and really do prefer it over the cable service that I had for years. I have more HD channels than cable provided, I can view my Flickr page on the TV, I can set up the recorder from my mobile phone if running late, etc. etc. etc. I'll get off my sales box now since this wasn't the goal of the blog post today...

Okay... so the point of this rambling isn't for RecruiterGuy to sell you U-verse or to get you to rush out and apply for one of the jobs... Truth be told, I'm just excited and pleased with some videos we've just released that show exactly what a Premises Technician does every day in regards to the level of technical work they perform, what they wear and drive, and the customer interaction they have.

Check it out below - I'm proud to have been a part of the video series we're releasing... There is definitely more to come as I see video easily being a front running communication tool that employers can use to effectively give a 'day in the life' snapshot to potential job seekers.

I'd like to see others talk about employer videos that they've personally found useful or funny. Anyone care to share or shoot me a link?

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