As we all know, actions speak louder than words. While you may be saying one thing, your body may be saying the complete opposite. So the next time you interview a potential candidate, focus not only on what they are saying, but what they are doing while they are saying it.

Eye Contact: Eye contact helps to regulate the flow of communication, increases credibility, and conveys interest.

Swinging or Rocking Leg, or Tapping Fingers: Shows the candidate is bored and impatient.

Sitting or Standing with Arms Crossed: Shows the candidate is cut-off from the conversation and has entered into a defensive mode.

Sitting with Legs Apart: Shows the candidate is open and relaxed.

Hand to Your Cheek: Shows the candidate thinking.

Touching, Slightly Rubbing Nose: Shows the candidate is rejecting or doubting what was just said, or they are lying.

Sitting with Hands Clasped Behind Head: Shows superiority.

Open Palms: Shows the candidate is sincere and open.

Patting or Fondling Hair: Shows the candidate has a lack of self-confidence and insecurity.

Tilting of Head: Shows interest.

Pulling or Tugging Ear: Shows indecision.

Stroking Chin: Shows candidate is trying to make a decision.

Steepling Fingers: Shows candidate is trying to be authoritative.

Walking with Hands in Your Pocket: Shows dejection.

Hands Clasped Behind Back: Shows anger, frustration, apprehension.

Body Hunched: Shows candidate has low self-confidence.

Fidgeting: Shows candidate is nervous.

Hands on the Desk: Shows candidate is in agreement.

Leaning in Closer: Shows candidate is interested.

Looking Away to the Left: Shows candidate is lying.

Wiping Hands on Clothes: Shows candidate is nervous.

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Comment by Hans Dekker on July 20, 2008 at 9:12am
Interesting post Tanya, I think we are always influenced by the body language of a candidate and it’s good to become more aware of it and see what our own triggers are.

For myself I noticed a very dangerous idea of subconsciously placing a very high importance of my first impression. We sometimes think we can qualify a candidate within a few minutes.
I found it often very humbling to reason such decisions back to the how and why.Seeing that a decision was in fact based on the looks and friendliness of attractive female is sobering, and white socks are not always a sign of an inferior candidate.

I do exaggerate a bit here, but seeing myself and fellow recruiters fall in the same semi conscious trap is fascinating.
Comment by Tanya Willette on July 20, 2008 at 10:55am
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