Google says, Go!!The day has arrived where Google has announced what some of us have been -hoping- suspecting was on the horizon... It's move into the browser business. While I'm a fan of FireFox and am enjoying watching what AT&T will do with Pogo, I'm intrigued by this announcement and what it might mean for internet users everywhere. Welcome to the browser game it's newest player, Chrome.

While I could literally rant for at least an hour about all of the technical reasons that I think Chrome will be amazing... the sandbox approach, the add-on management, the open source of it all... I'll keep it simple.

The idea is that we'll be presented with a browser that is closer to a full service application or platform than we've ever experienced before. Faster, Safer, and transparent to the users.

We use our internet browsers to perform literally thousands of tasks that could include chatting, sending email, networking and shopping. With add-ons for the awesome browser that is FireFox we're able to take browsing to the next level by integrating nearly anything we do online into the application.

But as Google moves to the next step in our browsing evolution will it be more than a sexy interface? I'm hoping that Google has plans to integrate tightly with Google Reader, GoogleTalk, and every other Google App - not to mention taking it up another notch and working in the Open Social and Friend Connect tickets that are in high demand.

As I type this I start to wonder if it's a step more towards an Operating System that is 100% "connected" or merely more of a platform that becomes an OS staple...
Will it someday be provided as a stand alone that will fit on my 2GB Flash Drive or will I need only log in to my Gmail account to have everything at my fingertips wherever, and however, I decide to connect?

So let's get to the meat...
You didn't think I was just posting to say what 99% of the other blogs are saying, did you? Let's think about this as it relates to one of my passions - after all, you share that passion - it's why you're here, right?
Where will this take (social) networking? As an avid blogger and self proclaimed social 'x' addict I would be more than excited to see some of these items in place much sooner than later - of course I've always had the patience of a small kid on Christmas when it comes to anything tied to Google.

Can we imagine a browser that by default is connected to our blogs, favorite forums, and friends lists? Would our myriad of connections find a single channel to us through such an application?
Is it so far fetched an idea to think that pages that possess embedded meta tags will enable the browser to create dynamic chat rooms or discussion threads pulling us even closer together? (Yeah, I've got a million of those "but couldn't it.." and "in theory it should..." thoughts running through my head but I'll keep it short.)
Think about it...
Google Chrome is expected to be released today in it's beta form. While it's far from complete, Windows users should be able to enjoy the new browsing experience with Linux and Mac users not far behind. If you're dead set on catching up on the particulars of the browser and a few of the people that are helping to push it - check out this walk through.
Oh, don't worry - it's not too technical and is actually fun to read. After all, it's not too many companies that issue a major announcement in the form of a comic book, right?
Google, I love you.

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