Most of us spend an enormous amount of time at work, sometimes wondering if we work to live or live to work. There should be no confusion on why we live on this planet. Definitely, not to work 80 hr weeks in a job that one does not have a passion for. How does one realize own passion to make a living? A job where you are eager to jump out of the bed most mornings, get to work and kick some butt.

How and when does one realize ones own passion to make a living? When does one make the switch risking your boring but safe-bet life? There is no right answer. It can happen anytime in your life. When you are no longer having 'fun' most of the time(remember, no job is fun all the time), it is time to try something new. The 'something new' could be what you have been wanting to pursue for a while or a job or an organization that fits your values.

In my case, I took my first job in the USA about 15 years ago as a failure analysis engineer to work on identifying the root cause of failed semiconductor chips and finding a solution. I definitely loved solving problems. However, I missed interacting with people. I, then moved to roles in marketing, general management and even founded a couple of companies. During those times, I realized that one can have fun at work only when there is a match in values between yours and your bosses and the organization's. Leaders2020 and the concept of the Facebook application 'OfficeBook' was born as a result of those years of experience to help job seekers find the right place to work.

However, I have started to realize lately that I truly loved 'helping people' in all those interactions and in all those years. Being an advisor to many friends find their next fun job was something that I really loved. Working with them to understand their requirements, interest and passion and helping colleagues find the right fit interested me. Is human resources (HR) the right place for me? Is it time for another change this late? I am just 40 years young and have over half my life left to enjoy working.

It's never too late for a change. Do what you really want to do. Go for it. Follow your passion.

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