Faux Facebook Campaign The Future Of Recruiting?

The big social networking story from yesterday was how the French press fell for a major Facebook prank. Specifically, how a single Facebook user managed to pull off one of the biggest pranks and how the press bought it.

In case you missed it, everything started a few weeks ago when a simple third-party Facebook application was created and promoted on the site. If you’re not familiar with Facebook, an “application” is a sort of widget or badge that you can add to your page. It connects you with others interested in the same topic and makes networking with like-minded individuals in that particular sphere of influence effortless.

This particular application was aimed at choosing - - every quarter - - a new “Facebook Worldwide President.” It was to coincide with the current U.S. Presidential race. Long story short, a 28 year-old French man became “President” after creating and running a successful campaign that earned him 9,000 votes!

The French media began to cover this news and really believed that one of their own had become the new worldwide President of Facebook without even validating the story or checking the facts, which would’ve been very easy to do especially for so-called journalists. One thing led to another and this young man was making the rounds on French TV! What still remains unclear is whether or not this individual believed this was real or if he knew it was fake and was simply calculating how he might pull this off.

Regardless, I think this story not only perpetuates some ugly truths about recruiting and hiring, but it also has some interesting implications for the power of social networking sites as it applies to the future of recruiting.

Here’s a quick thought on each:

* Human nature is human nature. People will continue to exaggerate (i.e. lie) to get a job while those on the other side of the equation will continue to take them at their word and give them the benefit of the doubt (despite SEVERAL tools at their disposal to verify and/or contradict the information they are given. In other words, the “Most Common Hiring Mistakes” will continue to be THE SAME “Most Common Hiring Mistakes.” SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: Unless, you hire a first-class recruiting firm like Paramount Recruiting Partners, LLC to do things the right way.

* Perhaps companies will begin creating Facebook applications like this one that advertises a job opening and allows users of the site to apply. Where things get interesting is the potential for the method that candidates will use to get noticed and get the job. Why couldn’t candidates do away with the Resume and interview all together and instead create an “official program” like this guy did? Subsequently, “votes” could be replaced by “references” on the candidate’s official program campaign page.

I’m sure I could come up with a few more insightful things to say about this news item, but I need to go update my Facebook page.

(What I really mean to say is that I need to call the Frenchman and congratulate him and thank my campaign supporters for trying to get me elected to this prestigious post)

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